Saturday, February 12, 2011

Warmer but still a relaxed day!

No I didn't go back over to the Harley dealer, or over to the La Mesa RV dealer. I am certain that I need  the deals of the century to make me serious about either opportunity!

The sun was out bright and it warmed the coach quickly this morning.  We kind of just basked in the warmth.   The door was open and I made myself a truckers breakfast.  Loyce is still dieting so she passed.

We're talking hash browns and eggs over firm but not hard.  Sausage patties and a hand full of shredded cheese on the browns.  Toast from hand sliced Italian bread, and black berry jelly.  Took a while to cook, but I gobbled it in a heart beat.

But then I got to wash the griddle and the dishes I had used.  Since Loyce was passing, so I thought I had better clean it myself.

Loyce was off to the sewing room around noon and I didn't see her for several hours. So that was the key to go off on the scooter.  But is wasn't anything romantic, Wal-Mart!!  I had to take a prescription bottle over and see if they could get it filled from the bottle.  I didn't hold out much hope.

But to my surprise, the lady at the window made a quick check on the computer and a phone call to the KCWal Mart, and she said the prescription would be transferred in a little while.  Come back at 5:30 and it will be filled.

I stopped by the swap meet, and picked up the little suction cup holder for the small flags that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.  The suction cups stick onto the front of the motor home and hold the flags.  Once I got back to the coach, the flags went up in an instant.

So with some groceries brought home on the scooter and a second trip over in the car to get the pills that were ready when I got there for a change, the day became darkness.

Man these days are going fast!  It was warm enough that I needed to peel off my sweatshirt even when riding the scoot!  That is a welcome sign, and we are supposed to reach 80 sometime this weekend.  It usually is a lot slower to warm up here in Arizona than over in California.  But once we get there, it seems to get hotter here rather quickly.

Loyce came back with an arm load of projects for her charity blankets that she makes for project Linus.  So she is happy and headed off to Wal Mart to get some more yarn that matches her projects.

So we still hang out here in Mesa, watching the cold and snow back in Kansas, and all the way down to Southern Texas feeling lucky as heck to be here.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to see your temps are coming up, we just got above 32 for the first time yesterday, I hope the snow will start melting now, supposed to hit 35 today and 50 sun,not much else going on here in dardenne Paririe, so I look forward to watching the snow melt.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good day to me, Rod! Especially that trucker's breakfast - sure beats my normal Raisin Bran! Things are really starting to heat up there and hopefully it will continue for the rest of your stay. Time is flying by for sure.


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