Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold and more thoughts on the manufactured houses.

We woke to 28 degrees and the water sprinkler made ice over on the grass next to the entrance booth.  I had casually tossed the ice from my drink cup on the ground next to the car when we got home yesterday, and it was still there on the ground this morning.

We aren't used to that kind of thing here in the desert.  The wind had died, and at first we didn't think it was that cold, but the temperature gage on the Camry confirmed the reading.

I had the hoses rolled up, and nothing froze underneath, but the water from the tank seemed like pancake syrup when we ran the faucet.  I didn't hook up the hose until noon, when I was sure it was above freezing.

It was another medical day for me today, so I had to be at the Doctor's office by 8:30. Unlike previous times, the Dr. was there and ready to go.  It was still 10 AM before I was back home.

That causes me to have to stay home for the rest of the day, so I was out of commission today.

I see that I generated some interest and advice with my talk of the park model.  We know not to purchase a standard park model here in the RV park.  The resale is way off, but this year the park models have picked up in popularity.  Almost every thing in this park has sold in the last two months.  We have a few that are less desirable for various reasons, but even most of them have sold too.

We had eight new rigs behind us here in sales row, and all but two are now sold in the last two months.  The stock market rebound has empowered the senior group's purchase power!

What we were looking at was manufactured homes, that are mounted directly on slabs.  They are in parks that do not have any RV's or RV spaces.  You still lease the ground on a monthly basis, and have
RV park style activities.  They take care of the landscaping and the park maintenance.  But mostly it is inside of a gated community.  The guards don't even like letting us prospective customers in.  They make you go get a signature from the sales people.  Which we don't always do.

Prices are still listed at reasonable retail amounts, but I understand that offers are well back of listing prices.  There are a lot of places offered for sale, and some are more desperate than others.  But we are very weary, because we think ownership would be forever!!  Either that or you would be forced to give it away.  Kind of a buy low sell lower kind of thing.

Loyce was telling me where she wants to make a reservation for next year here in Valle Del Oro, so she isn't overly impressed by the offers to be taken advantage of.

It is to freeze again tonight, with the same overnight temps again, so we will have to go turn on the underside light bulb again.  I may just drain and drop the hoses, rather than roll everything up tonight.

I always seem to error on the side of conservatism.  It's the old auditor accountant in me. I can't help it.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod, I'm beginning to think that where there's smoke, there's fire and I'm beginning to suspect a 'manufactured home' in your future!

    I like the idea of the house built on a slab a lot more than just a park model too.

    At least you're giving us all a pretty good education on this stuff so keep up the good work.

  2. When it comes right down to it, if I can't RV anymore, or get tired of it, I would want to be closer to my kids and grandkids, but hopefully that will be way down the road.

  3. But closer to my kids is right in the dead of the midwest winter!!!!!

    That's why we come here now, too cold back home.


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