Sunday, February 6, 2011

Biscuit wasn't really hurt! Well not much anyway.

Biscuit is glad all of her supporters are concerned for her well being, but had to admit to daddy that an awful lot of black sand and gravel did come out of her off white fur, as she was being sprayed down in the shower stall.  Daddy adjusted the shower so it was nicely warm but not hot, and put the sprayer on a fine spray that didn't seem to scare her.

The part that she really doesn't like comes after the bath when she was air dried and combed out with the slicker brush.  The brush has little plastic balls on the end of each of its bristles and doesn't scratch her skin, but it still tends to pull out the snags, and that causes great discomfort and concern to her sense of well being.

As her photographer, I had to take numerous pictures of her on her pink pillow, until she finally gave me that kind of sneering look that provided the attitude she had about the whole affair.  But mommy took all of her bedding and went over to the laundry and washed up the entire lot.  Including all of her stuffy toys and her very favorite pink lamb.  Wow a clean lambie!

And as usual, she was very happy to jump into mommy's bed in the morning and snuggle, now that she was all clean and was allowed back.  So maybe this bath thing turned out all right after all.

We had a much warmer day today with temperatures in the mid 60's and wall to wall sun.  Loyce was off on her shopping trip, and since Biscuit was now clean, she got to go along.  Of course she had to stay in her car crate when mommy went into the stores.  It is still cool enough here that she can do that.  But once the temps get into the 70s, that will be out of the question.

I rode off on the motorscooter, and went to the South toward the San Tan Shopping Center.  Remember the other day, when trips to two Sam's Clubs revealed both to be closed?  Well the one in the San Tan area is brand new and very much open for business.

I was looking for commercial truck batteries that would fit the motorhome.  And they do carry them.  I will need to remove batteries here at the coach in order to match them exactly, but as of now it appears that they are group 31s.  That is the one with the stud connections.

The batteries are mounted along the frame on the drivers side, back behind the front wheel.  I will need to crawl under the coach in order to remove one of them to be sure.  Batteries are reasonably cheap, and there is no reason to put up weak ones.

On the way home, it became a bit chilly.  I rode thru the country, at 50 or more mph, and that caused the wind to penetrate my jacket and sweat shirt.  Remember I took the liner out quite a while back, and today it should have been returned.

I rode around inside the park, once I returned, since the speed limit here is 15 and that allowed me to warm up.  Loyce wasn't back yet and I still needed to be outside of the confines of the coach.

As darkness fell, the temperature fell with it, and now we are back into the lower 40s.  It seems quite cool when we leave the coach, but still well above freezing, and that is much better than earlier this week.  Tonight has been a TV night, so nothing really worth reporting there.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to hear Biscuit has recovered from her shower trauma and is doing well.

    Sounds like a bit of a major job to take out those batteries and put new ones in. Don't get hurt in the process if you do it yourself!

  2. That is an adorable picture of Biscuit. Rusty doesn't like his bath time at all. I hope it gets over it as he gets older.


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