Monday, February 7, 2011

The super bowl and other time wasting activities

We like so many other folks in the Western world, watched the Super Bowl all afternoon and evening. Well not completely, as I had the other TV on the watch show that was going on at the same time.  But the sound was turned down.  Our center TV is back on the wall in the middle of the coach. My chair faces away from the windshield and thus away from the front TV.

So when I wanted to see the watch show, I had look over my shoulder. Which I did quite often!  I really had no horse in the super bowl race.  But I did think that Pittsburgh was the underdog.  So I decided to root for them.  Loyce on the other hand told me flat out that Greenbay was going to win,  and rooted for them the entire way.

She was like see, I told you so at the end!  But what she doesn't know, is that I have always rooted for the Pack all my life, and there is something neat about the Lombardi trophy returning to Green Bay, so I am not sad one bit.  Enough of the the sports talk.  Most readers are not interested in football anyway.

And I did not buy any watches this weekend either.  Well we didn't have any chance to purchase one from the Invicta Sunday Run, as they have been redesigning their computer programs, and have failed rather soundly.

Last week, they cancelled the entire event, when no one could sign up for the registration.  Or if they did get signed up, it was because they used Internet Explorer 8.  The programmers evidentially never checked that any other program worked.  And they didn't!

Well this week, it was to be all better.  And it was, somewhat better, as most folks could see the watch on sale, but depending on which browser you used, it came up with a different sales price.  It led you thru the purchase process, and at the end failed to accept your credit card.  Stating a fraud exception.  But what folks didn't know, was that it had indeed charged their credit card.  So folks would try a second time, and fail again.  Then they would use a different card, and a third and so forth.

I understand that some people have as many as ten charges on various charge cards, thinking they had never successfully purchased anything.  At some point Invicta had realized the gigantic problem they were creating and closed down the entire process.  So for week number two, the entire sale was called off.  I didn't attempt to purchase anything, more because I didn't like the watch that was offered for sale, than any wisdom to not use the new system.

I can't help but wonder how long it will take to reverse all of those purchases  for those brave souls.  For once I am happy to not have purchased a watch over the weekend.

We were over 70 degrees here today for the first time in the last week, and I went out on the scooter for lunch, and stopped over at the swap meet for a walk thru the shops.  I never purchased anything, but I did have about 30 minutes of a nice walk around the shops.

Oh, and we did loose the motorhome next to us on the drivers side.  They had never said one word to us in over a week, so we only know they were from New Mexico because they had license plates that said so.  Tonight the spot remains empty.

Man, overwhelming excitement from the desert.  But at least we have water and no broken pipes, like the folks South of here!

Retired Rod

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  1. I was happy to see Green Bay win as well even though I wasn't all that heavily vested in them any more than the Steelers. All I wanted was a good game and we got one.

    Sounds like those watch guys better get their act together or nobody's going to be watching much longer.


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