Saturday, February 5, 2011

They made me take another BATH!!

What's a puppy to do?

Biscuit Dog, for Retired Rod

This didn't post again today, gotta wonder about blogger sometimes.  Anyway I just caught it at 10:30 AM when there weren't any comments!


  1. Poor Biscuit! Come on... a bath can't be THAT bad... LOL

  2. Biscuit looks like he's giving you the evil eye! :)

  3. Hey Bisquit, your luckie, I can't Have a bath for two weeks cause got I got tutored, Maybe you should get that done and have two weeks off from baths. Your friend in MO. Sadie-Mae

  4. It's going to be ok Biscuit-you'll get use to those baths-or you can come live with me- Cousin Maggie-I never get baths because I put up too much of a fuss! Whine and cry-and fight that they won't want to bother even trying to give you a bath! Yeah, maybe that is what you should do! Hang in there-I feel for you!
    FYI-you do look very pretty-esp on your pink blanket! I bet you smell good too!

  5. So cute....but looking at the camera with a bit of suspicion.

  6. Hello Biscuit,
    You are such a pretty baby!

    As I am a 15 year old poodle, I have had lots of baths. Can you imagine how many I have had in all those years? It goes with living with 'hoomans', they want us clean, by their standards. For some reason, they don't like us to roll in dead fish and all those lovely things that make us smell so good.

    My Mom, who used to groom show dogs, including poodles, puts a drop of mineral oil in each of my eyes so the soap won't sting, or hurt me. Then she is very careful not to let the water go over my nostrils, as that is what is so scary for us doggies, and makes us fearful of baths.

    I love my baths, being massaged with that bubbly stuff, and being brush dried. It is like our special time together. I'd still like to roll in some dirt to get that clean smell off, but I don't do it any more, as Mom told me not to.
    That's the way it is, kid, hoomans have funny ideas, just get used to it.

    Sniffingly yours, Misty, TX

  7. That is one cute dog! Love her look - that's ATTITUDE!!


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