Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday Country Store Day

We had the make up watch sale today since on Sunday the programs all crashed.  And true to form, there were so many folks waiting all at once that the servers immediately crashed again as folks requested the sale page all at once.

There were 700 people on the Watch Geeks forum and it became slow as well.  People have to post their negative thoughts about all this slowness and crashing of the sites, which makes things even slower.  This was at midnight Wednesday night.  I watched for a while, didn't want anything that was presented for sale and went to bed.

This morning I didn't get up early, and Loyce let Biscuit out at about 7 AM.  I did begin to watch the sale by about 9 AM, and weakened about 11 and purchased a watch that had been presented the last two weeks but couldn't be purchased due to computer program failure.

At first I wasn't going after it but the price had dropped to almost crazy, so it became collectible.  This hobby is nutsoooo.

Mid morning I decided to head up to the, in park swap meet.  I haven't gone for the last several weeks, but today I felt the need for a bag of pop corn.  Or something like that.   We have a much bigger meet here at Valle Del Oro that we had at the old park last year, and today they had an RV dealer that brought in several used and one new RV as well.  They were parked in the overflow parking next to the wood shop.  The Country Store as they call it, is around the pool and in the dance hall, but spills out the front door into the parking lot along the wall of the building.

The RVs were at the end of the line of easy up tent stores, and became an integral part of the whole deal.  Folks were parked in all available spaces and up the streets in all directions.  I squeezed the scooter in along with some golf carts and bicycles.

I'm not sure where the morning went, but everyone talks to everyone, and I ended up buying raffle tickets to the wood shop project tables they are giving away as a fund raiser.  And I got that popcorn for fifty cents too.  I sat at a table in the dining room with some folks and solved the worlds problems as well.

Loyce however, went with the neighbor lady next door to our RV, to the sewing room for their weekly show and tell session.  Everyone explains their latest project, and plans are made for the next weeks sessions.  Loyce has new plans for activities next week now.

Then later in the afternoon, I ended up at the Harley Davidson dealer here in Apache Junction.  As it turned out, my salesman was the owner of the facility.  He was top notch, and it is a wonder I am not riding a new Harley tonight.  I didn't find out the fellow was the boss until he gave me his card.  I kind of felt like a fool at that point, as I should have known this fellow was way too knowledgeable.

He has my name and number, so I will bet I haven't heard the last of that one.  I get myself into so much trouble at times.

I did get a call back from the salesman at the motorhome store saying that they did have Phaetons available over in California and wanting me to come back and see their floor plans and pictures.  He was the fellow with the pony tail that rode a Harley.  Remember no one else wanted anything to do with me when I arrived on the scooter.   Be careful about judging a book by its cover, as some of us try really hard not to be predictable.

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod hope you are doing well.

    I can't wait to see your new Harley and New Motor Home lol.

    A big hello to Loyce from me please.

    Brenda Brown

  2. Hmmm? What will it be - a new Hawg or a new Phaeton? Either would be a great choice. In the meantime, you can just keep that buying urge under control with those watch deals!

  3. I think you need the Hawg, and you need to talk Loyce in to going with you. Stay safe.


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