Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Packing out

When you sit in one place for weeks on end, things get all spread out!  Nothing is in its place for travel, and today was the day to put it all back away.  We spent the morning buzzing all over the place getting last minute supplies and things we need.

Loyce went over to the sewing room to deliver her fleece blankets that she has been making for the charity hospital drive here in the park.  They were appreciative of her efforts and several of the ladies were inquisitive as to how she makes the holes in the fleece in order to crochet the boarders.

The answer is that she has a special cutter wheel that has prongs on it that only cuts the little holes and not all the way across the piece.  They are available from the project Linus web site, but I didn't google it for a link.

I was out on the scooter getting gas and the other things necessary to go traveling.  I like to keep the scooter tank fairly full as I trailer it.  I hope I never have to use it to go after something but if the motorhome was broken down, it would be the final possibility to go for help. Of course we have the car too, so that shouldn't come about.

Also we had to check out with the main office, as they come and read the electric meter and make up the final billing.  That took two trips up there, first to tell them we're leaving and then to go pay.

I was under the coach in the dirt and gravel on my hands and knees with a jar.  I was draining the water from the fuel separator back along the frame.  I didn't have more than about a tablespoon in there, but that is still enough to do damage if it makes it to the injectors.

About as I was climbing out from under the coach all dirty, low and behold John and Brenda showed up to send us off on our trip home.  Ever cordial, they wanted to make sure we didn't get away without the proper send off.  And of course Brenda needed to see Biscuit one more time.

She was sooooo excited to see Brenda too.  She danced and piddled on the floor, because she was sooooooooo excited.  John was holding her leash, and she ran around and around him, while he tried to keep up switching the lead from hand to hand.  As John would say, " she isn't quite lead broke yet."

Loyce did finally come back from the sewing group, and got in a short visit as well.  We wish them well with their new Dogpound South Ranch over in Maricopa.  They will have a bunch of work to whip it into shape for keeping horses next year, but I think they are up to the task.

Then our neighbors next door Keith and Andy came back home, and we spent some time with them later in the day.  We were invited over to their HitchHiker II fifth wheel tonight, and they have a beautiful rig.  The wood work inside sets it apart from some of the others we have been in.  (Like our old Jayco!)

Somewhere in there I got cleaned up from rooting in the dirt under the coach too.  The tire pressures are all up to speed now to head on out as well.

The scooter is back inside the trailer and all our stuff is loaded in around it.  We purchased a new memory foam mattress while we were here, so the pieces of the select comfort mattress and air bladders had to fit in along side the bike as well.

Just because we don't really like the mattress, other folks that will buy this coach when we are done with it will want the original equipment.

So tonight is the lull before the storm of travel, but I think we are ready anyway!

Retired Rod


  1. A little Birdie told me you were heading East. Would have guessed you were gonna head southwest. Well, which ever way you go....safe travels:))

  2. It certainly is always a relief to get those pre-travel jobs done. :)

  3. Have a safe journey Rod whichever way you head, we will be here waiting to see where you end up. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. I got excited just reading this - you must be SO ready to go after your long stay! Glad we got to meet you while we were up there. Safe travels!

  5. Have a safe trip, Rod. It was nice of John and Brenda to drop in and say goodbye.


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