Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the road once more.

We spent the morning poking stuff inside of stuff and under stuff, so we could bring in the slides. How did we bring all this stuff with us in the first place?

Once I had the front of the coach looking like a truck seat and steering wheel again, I opened the curtains and we were ready to head outside.  Hoses away, and trailer moved out onto the street with the Camry, we retracted jacks and slides.

Our site must have been more desirable than we realized, because we hadn't even pulled away, when some Canadian folks came over in their pickup writing down the number and the lady claiming it while the husband headed off to the office. Too funny!  I had to remind them that I had paid until the 3rd of March and didn't have any checkout time!  They were concerned that we would be gone by checkout time.  Go figure.

I did go put a deposit on another site for next year, more over by the bath house and two blocks further away from the interstate highway.  Think much quieter.

We immediately got onto the freeway just outside of the park, and have not been off all day.  Well except once to top off the diesel tank and eat some lunch.  The fuel station was for cars and pickups, so it was a real jockey session to get into the pump and I turned around out in the desert behind the station  in order to get back out of the place.  The price on fuel was $3.40 as compared to $3.77  most of the other places.  They had a driveway that was really steep and then thru a curb and onto the flat street.  Had I gone down that, we would have needed a tow truck to get the back of the rig off of the hill.  You have to see this stuff and understand what is about to happen!  So we used the car drive out the front.  It had really tight corners, but we didn't do any curbs.

We drove right thru Tucson at about 60.  It was early afternoon, and folks were not out of work yet.  We never slowed down except to make the turn at I 19 where it goes off to Nogales.  We of course went East toward Benson.

At Benson, we decided to keep on keeping on!  So tonight, we are in Deming, New Mexico.  That made our day be 320 miles, which is farther than we usually drive, but we were on a roll so to speak.

We are at the SKP park called Dream Catcher.  Skp parks are such a breath of fresh air.  That is Escapees for those that don't know.  Everyone knows about the Escapees don't they?

With my membership card on the counter, I filled out the check in sheet, and was assigned the largest site in the park.  Because I was towing a trailer.  I don't have to pay until I leave, and I don't have to know how long I will stay.  But if I stay longer than a month I will have to pay the rent then.  Electric is 11 cents a click, which is a bit high, but with the site only costing $12.50 a night, what's not to like?

A special thanks goes out to our neighbors Keith and Andy for helping us get all hooked up this morning and watching over us as we got organized. Keith was out in the street directing me and had me under the hitch in the first try.  That is healthy for husband and wife relations!  Enough said!

Retired Rod


  1. Good to see you had a nice drive and are at your new park, have fun and let us know how the place is. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. New Mexico? Wow, you guys are moving along. Glad you got away on time and had a good first day's drive.

  3. A long haul for sure, but glad you made it safe and sound. Sounds like a good deal on the park too..


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