Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun with the park Post Office and Motorhome shopping

Today was the normal day with a slow warm up in the morning, and as it warmed up the wind came up. Not overwhelming wind or nasty wind, just well beyond breezy.  So as the day did warm up, the wind kept it feeling like it was still cold outside.

I was busy wondering where the second package of mail went to that my son had mailed me from KC.  Loyce went out on her walk and returned with a slip to pick up another package, but that was for the package we picked up yesterday.  Obviously we got the wrong one then and they still had the one I should have received.

So armed with the slip, I went up to the office to argue my plight.  Somewhere between the rig and the office, I lost the slip out of my pocket while riding the scooter.  I turned around and retraced my steps, but it was windy and the slip was gone.

Well a lot of things are done right here in this park, but mail is not one of their long suits.  So in I went without anything but my story. I explained and they didn't believe me.  I told them what the missing package looked like and that it contained my medicine.  Pills that rattle in a priority envelope.  They found the package and it did rattle, but without a slip I couldn't pick it up.  I told them I gave them the slip yesterday.  They looked and found the slip.

Finally after about 20 minutes and the supervisor, I managed to sign the lost slip register for a slip that they already had, and relinquished the package.  I was so upset when I got back home that I just sat here for about a half an hour regaining my composure.  If we don't come back here next year, it would be largely because of the nasty treatment we have received at the post office.

Much later in the day, I went out for another extended motorscooter ride.  I went to La Mesa RV to see what they had in Tifin Motorhomes.  Out of curiosity more than anything else.  They had hundreds of coaches, but had exactly one Allegro Bus.  It was a brother to the one we looked at in Quartzsite.  Loyce didn't like the color scheme over there, so I knew that there was no need to bring her here.

But the attitude of the folks was somewhat bazaar.  They wanted to know what they could do to sell me the coach this afternoon.  Or the implied attitude was for me to quit bothering them.  Close the sale within 30 minutes or move on.  I showed up on the scooter, and I could see that they were arguing among themselves as to who would come talk to me.

They sent a fellow that had a pony tail and told me he rode a Harley.  I asked questions that this fellow couldn't come close to answering.  He called in backup, and the second salesman was the fellow that determined that I couldn't purchase it in 30 minutes, so he was out of there.

Well since they didn't really have what I wanted, we walked back over to the scooter, and the fellow with the pony tail had to know all about the scoot.  He had never seen such a product and was amazed by what it could do.  Or else he was a good salesman, an d will call me if he gets something we would like.

Out of the discussion I did learn that Tiffin is still backlogged in Phaeton deliveries and that almost every coach that is made is sold before it is started on the line.  It is a sellers market, and they can name their own price, since there aren't any.  At least here in the West, they bring almost retail MSRP.  La Mesa and I will never do any business at that rate, so we parted friends, sort of.

Oh, North of Tucson a giant dealer went broke two years ago named Beaudry RV.  It was forced to shut down in the summer of 2010 as bankruptcy proceedings came to a head.  I did learn today that Lazy Daze of Florida has purchased the huge facility and will reopen the center in the near future.

But La Mesa was smug that they have the dealership for Tiffin and there was nothing that Lazy Daze could do about it.  Well now let me see,  Lazy Daze sells more coaches for Bob Tiffin than any other dealer by 4 to 1.  At what point wouldn't he just forfeit his prior agreements and let the law suits begin. If it doubles his sales out here, the suit would only be a small cost.  Am I missing something?  Or is La Mesa missing something?

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  1. I would have been every bit as upset as you were about that post office bit at your RV park. How ridiculous is that!

    Doesn't sound like that Tiffen dealer in Mesa is doing a very good job. Interesting news about Beaudry too. We stayed there a few times and that facility is one huge place! Glad to hear it's going to reopen soon.

    On the other hand, what's the matter with you? You don't think 30 minutes is enough to decide to drop upwards of $250,000 on a nice new MH?


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