Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where is Pecos?

We made 311 miles today and are camped in yet another SKP rainbow park in Pecos, Texas.  Pecos is still West of Odesa and Midland, Texas where President Bush heralds from.  You might be able to see civilization from here if you look really hard to the East.

We were up stirring around before light, because Biscuit wakes up and has to go potty!  But then she wants to come to bed with us.  But she doesn't go back to sleep, and that will have us up in no time.  Putting her back in her crate just causes more yelping to let me outa here!

Anyway we were having coffee and corn Chex at 7:30 and we were rolling by 9.  But......we are headed East, and into the Central time zone, so we changed our watches to 10 right off the bat.  After paying our camping bill of $18 and change with the electric, we rolled to Las Cruces.

Once we arrived there, we talked on the radio how we sometimes hang around there for a day or so because we like the community a great deal.  But the conversation died, and we were headed for El Paso.

Stopping for only a potty break at the Texas welcome center, we headed right thru town.  I needed fuel and started driving a frontage road along the highway.  I spotted a sign for diesel for $3.49, but the station looked really tight.  And it was, but with determination and asking a fellow to move his car, by pulling up really close to him with the clattering diesel motorhome until he got the picture, we made it to the pump.

Only $110 later, we had 31 more gallons of the liquid gold. Next we got off again at a McDonalds for a burger.  Never did spot a Wendy's, but I need a break anyway.  Of course you couldn't pull into the parking lot with the MH and trailer, so we parked in a dusty lot along side.  The West Texas wind had the dust flying as we ate in the coach.

It was already 1:30 as we rolled out into the desert South of town.  Miles and miles of miles and miles! There are a few mountains and things and curves and hills.  But it seems to go on forever!

We made the turn onto I 20 to head for Dallas/Ft Worth.  This intersection is miles from nowhere, and has a mountain in the middle of the Y.  Left for Dallas, and right for San Antonio.  We were tired and stopped along a roadside picnic ground.  No buildings or bathroom, but sheltered tables 50 feet from the highway.

I don't know how some of my RV brothers can boondock in these places, as the noise of passing traffic is overwhelming.  We pressed on to the next RV park.

That was here in Pecos, Tx, and we learned as we pulled up that we had inadvertently found the next SKP park up the road.  Checkin here was $15 and that includes electricity. I paid ahead.  But they trust you to pay in the morning if you want.  As a SKP member, they know all about you from your member number.

Tonight we are parked next to some campers that had a big party out by their rigs.  Complete with barbcueing and Boom Box Country Music, and a lot of hootin and hollarin.  As the party broke up, the big diesel pickups with loud pipes all roared into action and tires screeched as they hit the pavement.

This is a dusty place to say the least!

Retired Rod


  1. Are you just traveling wherever your fancy takes you, or do you have a destination in mind? :)

  2. Travel safe and don't push yourself Rod.

    Take Care and give my love to Loyce

  3. Brenda's already said what I was going to say - 4 times!

    I was wondering where you're eventually headed as well?

  4. We were entertaining British friends who "Wanted to see the Rockies". As I was driving the MH, towing a travel trailer, back from Colorado Springs to Big Bend there was going to be a bank holiday. We holed up Pecos, as I knew it wouldn't be a destination area, like the beaches and mountains.
    We had an enjoyable three days out there in the desert resting up, doing laundry, tasting the delicious watermelons, and seeing the local museums.

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX


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