Sunday, February 13, 2011

Too much sun!

We were up again almost before it was light outside because Biscuit had to go outside,,, right now!!  It was cool, but not cold even before the sun was up this morning.  The day was beautiful!

We have been working on having Biscuit go outside on a long airplane cable by herself.  She is scared to just run outside without one of us guiding her.  And if she isn't hooked up to something, she will RUN and RUN.  She is all puppy, and would be lost almost immediately.

While we were doing all of this inside then outside stuff, we began to socialize her with the little dog next door.  A Chihuahua named Misty.  Misty kind of barks and doesn't want another dog near her, and Biscuit doesn't understand that anybody could be unfriendly.

Misty growls and shows her teeth, and Biscuit lays down on the ground and submits.  Then yaps at her to be her friend.  It was a hoot.  We have been friends with Misty's owners, Kieth and Andy since they arrived next door several weeks ago.

We kind of got to talking and the girls took the dogs and went to the dog park while us guys sat outside and enjoyed the noon time weather.  As the sun worked its way to the West side it was almost 2 before we decided to go back in.  I was showing some effects of too much sun on my legs, as I hadn't worn shorts for several months.

After a while, I went out and rode the scooter over for some lunch and some errands with the motorcycle overpants on over my shorts.  I got back about 5:30, and when I took the pants off, my legs were bright red with sunburn.

So I am sitting here tonight with the Lidocaine Aloe Vera ointment greasing myself up every now and then wondering why I didn't change into long pants!  Sooner!  I am burned from the tops of my socks all the way up over my knees.   On February 13th no less!

I guess I didn't give it much thought at the time, so I will pay the price while the burn dims itself over the next few days.

Oh and Biscuit was so dirty after her walk and stint in the gravelly dog park, that she had to endure another bath tonight.  She was one big dirt ball, as the blacktop street sealer had again come off all over her.  We can't keep her inside all the time, because she needs to run.  But everyone around here has to clean their dogs up when they get back home from walks.

We are using the mildest expensive puppy shampoo we could buy, and then waiting at least a week, but by then you can't stand her, because she is sooooo dirty.

It did make sunny and 80 today, so that was what bar be cued my legs.  Someone has to do it!

Retired Rod


  1. If it's not asphalt, it's desert dust making the dogs dirty--Emmi too had a bath this week.

  2. Maybe you should set up one of the cages for Biscuit like Rick has in Desert Hot Springs, then she could go out by herself.

  3. Ah sunburn in February,of course we get wind burn once in while here in the winter.Sounds like your weather has broke and it will be clear sailing now for you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. We're making appointments for Molly and Rylie to be groomed as they are also pretty dusty and dirty. I don't know what the secret is to keeping dogs clean out here in the desert with all the sand and gravel. Hope Biscuit is able to make friends with the dog next door.

  5. I know what you mean about Biscuit running. Rust has so much energy it is unbelievable. We don't have a dog park here, so try to take him on 3 walks a day. Be careful with that sunburn.


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