Monday, February 21, 2011

Making plans to go!

I thought the sun was out when I looked outside this morning, and it was off toward the South, but the clouds were still broken at best.  And it was somewhat cool too, but I didn't realize that the clouds would congeal within a couple of hours and we would not see the sun again.  The rains came back by noon.

Well we did see the sun for a while in the afternoon, as I was waiting in the car over at the swap meet. Loyce has become addicted to some seasoned crackers that one of the specialty booths sells over there, and she wanted to get some for the longer haul.

But it did take her about an hour and a half to go and find the booth where they sell them.  Not that she doesn't know the way, but rather her shopaholic nature takes over every time she nears a mall or some other retail megaplex.

I sat patiently, after I ran over to the local hamburger stand looking for a 99 cent value meal offering.  Biscuit was in the car with me and she was fighting fiercely to snatch it away from me.  But I prevailed.  

She is easily twice the size now of the dogie that we brought out here last fall.  She can put her paw on the top of your knee standing up on her back legs, and be head and shoulders above your lap.  Our last dog was not that big.

This means that she can jump up on the sofa in one swift leap, and she jumps down by leaping out into the room half way across the floor before she lands.  She has learned to low crawl up under the driver's seat up under the pedals on the motorhome and gets into the stuff we have stored up there.

I have a recliner from home positioned between the coach seats with my back to the windshield that effectively block her entrance to the front.  Well it did anyway until she became so much more mobile.

I know they say not to put them in their crate to punish them, but sometimes we thankfully put her in there just to contain her for a while, as we need to rest from the nonstop play!!  We did buy the full sized crate for her breed, and it looked so large back then, but she fills it now quite nicely.

We spent the rest of the afternoon after the all day rain came to an end, scurrying around the campsite packing up much of our outdoor stuff.  We think we will pull out of here on Tuesday and head South in the direction of Tucson.  The old adage that South is warmer, but that is not necessarily the case here, as it is also higher in elevation which gives up your warmth fairly quickly here in Arizona.

Retired Rod


  1. I will be interested in seeing where your travels take you! :) I hope you have a great last day before you hit the road again.

  2. We drove out of the clouds & light rain into brilliant sunshine Sunday just east of Gila Bend. I always like to hear about people allowing their pets on the funiture. After all that's what furniture is for & pets are every bit a part of the family. I'll keep an eye in my rear view mirror for you:))

  3. Take Good Care Rod and Loyce. I will be thinking about you as you travel. Be Safe

    Brenda Brown

  4. Have a great trip down towards Tucson and try to keep Biscuit from under the pedals while your driving at least!

    I think Biscuit and Rylie would be a good pair - in your rig not ours!!

  5. Be careful on your trip. We bought a large crate for Rusty too, and are glad now. We also put him in sometimes when he just won't settle down. When he hits the crate, he goes right to sleep so, don't think it is really hard on them.

  6. LakeConroePenny,TX said...
    ""She is going to be about a 25-35 lb dog, by the looks of her, I don't know how big she is now, but I am going by the squares on your linoleum in the picture!
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX
    November 24, 2010 7:12 PM""

    How much does she weigh now, Rod?
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX


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