Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An admission of error!!

After 775 miles of driving in one day, today was almost a complete stay at home day.  Of course that wasn't completely true because we had no perishable groceries here at home.  We left about everything in Arizona, mainly because we didn't have enough room in the CRV to haul all the stuff.

We did put the seats down and had it stuffed clear to the ceiling, but mostly it was things like my tool kit and Loyce's sewing machine.  And of course our personal belongings like clothes and pillows.  But no room for an ice chest or anything big like that.

So off to Wal Mart for me this morning for eggs and milk.  I'm not sure what all I purchased, but it rang up well over $100.  Yea, Wal Mart, it really is the $100 store.

Now for an admission of not knowing what I was talking about!!!  I'm surprised that no one busted me on driving past Jessie and Ginger at Liberal, Kansas and seeing what I thought to be their RV Park.  NOT!!!

They are at Liberty, Kansas, not Liberal, Kansas.........  Liberty is in Southeastern Kansas and miles and miles away from Liberal.   I just happened to read one of their blogs today and realized my mistake.  They are working for the Amazon distribution center in Coffeyville, Kansas.  This is right on the line with Oklahoma on Highway 169. Liberty is about 10 miles North of Coffeyville.

Anyway so much for my knowledge of this situation.  But perhaps it won't matter since these fine folks are going to be relieved of their duties on December 23rd, since the Christmas shipping season will be over at that time.  It does seem like a good job for full timers to look into.  It only lasts three months and you are out of there.  But it is 10 hour days.

Its overcast and the high today was in the mid 40s, so I am missing Arizona greatly already......

Retired Rod


  1. Hope to see you on your way back to Arizona soon after the holidays. I agree Walmart can be the $100 store. Have a great day.

  2. You really aren't missing anything right at the moment out here. It started raining yesterday morning and it hasn't quit yet. Some of the roads in AJ were flooded so you had to find a different way around them. And it's supposed to rain more today and only be 57. There now, don't you feel better. Here's hoping you get back her soon though. This weather has got to break pretty soon - doesn't it?

  3. Yep, don't go wasting to much time feeling bad about missing the weather out here in the sunny southwest. It is not sunny and the temps barely made it into the mid 50's yesterday. And the trees are loving the rain. Enjoy your Christmas break back home, get things fixed up and get back here. I am still waiting on that Fuddruckers burger.


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