Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorting out health insurance.

We spent the day messing around with all the folks back in Iowa and Kansas trying to determine if I have any insurance coverage for the doctors here in Arizona.  Perhaps we were a bit rash in thinking that I would have.

But the folks up in Iowa, where I used to work years ago, were adamant that the coverage was good to go anywhere.   And after sitting around and talking to the Kansas Doctors and the Arizona Clinic where the Kansas docs want me to do follow ups, I think we have it sorted out.

By this time it was late in the afternoon, and we decided to head out to try and find this clinic.  So we drove a long way  in this endeavor.  But I must admit that I took a scenic route that included some of the desert highways.

As we returned back to the Mesa area, it became dark, and we were in the 5PM drive time.  That is sort of a slow endeavor of taking your life in your own hands, but at least we are 2 people in the car so we can drive in the HOV lanes on the freeway.

I never knew what HOV stood for, but I am told it is a high occupancy vehicle.  But it only takes 2 people to be high occupancy.  It is amazing that so few cars and trucks qualify for this privilege.

We reached about 55 degrees this afternoon but it never did freeze last night, even though the weather folks had predicted 30.  I know most of you folks don't feel a bit sorry for us.......

Retired Rod


  1. Hahaha - nope, we don't! I would love having 55 degrees all winter, if I could get it up here.

  2. Insurance companies will be the death of us!

    Glad you got it sorted out.

  3. Glad your getting your medical stuff sorted out. Hope you can soon start enjoying your winter vacation, sometimes it's not easy.

  4. Good idea to get the health insurance coverage figured out before you visit the doctors! Glad to hear you seem to be o.k. for visits in AZ!

  5. Glad you got that insurance stuff all worked out. Jim and I were able to use the HOV lanes and I, too, was amazed at the lack of cars in that lane. We just zipped right on by everybody else.

  6. I am always wondering if when I have two horse, two dogs and my LQ trailer behind does that qualify as HOV or do I need to add in Brenda to make the cut.

    Hope those drugs are working out for you.


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