Saturday, December 17, 2011

What to do?

Well rather than banter on about how the day went, lets just cut to the chase and say that the Docs laid out several options that were all, take a chance on seeing how you do and possibly have to come back from Arizona or get surgery there in the upcoming weeks.

In the end I decided to just bite the bullet and get this over with right now.  So I have surgery scheduled for next Wednesday, early in the morning.  This is the full boat type deal where they open me up just like before, and I start all over with recovery.

Perhaps I won't be in the hospital quite as long, but all things will have to go completely right to get me home by Christmas eve or day......  Otherwise my Christmas dinner will be on a hospital tray....

Travel back to Arizona will be in 4 or 5 weeks........  Looks like I will be enjoying winter from my chair in Kansas for most of the nasty weeks.  Hope things will be OK in Mesa while we are gone....  Oh well that is the least of my worries now.

Retired Rod


  1. Kind of a rotten piece of bad luck I'd say but I do understand your decision to get the surgery done as soon as possible and get it over with. Sooner the surgery, sooner the recovery. Focus on the thought Wendy's will still be open and waiting for you with open arms after Christmas. A man's gotta have focus you know:)) All the best....

  2. That sucks Rod, I'm sorry!! Hopefully this surgery will be the fix you need for the issue and you can get back to that sunshine sooner rather than later. :)

  3. Well thats a kick in the pants for sure Rod.

    If there is anything we can do for you guys from this end please let us know. We can swing by and check out your Rig if you want at anytime for you.

    Take Care

  4. Well not the news we wanted.But when it's all over. Liberty Call will be waiting, and Arizona might just be a little warmer. Good Luck my friend, were here hoping for the best. Sam & Donna...

  5. Dang it Rod--we will be thinking of you!

  6. Well S$!t! That is a kick in the butt with a frozen boot. At least if you were in Canada you could be home for Boxing Day. Well maybe that is not so good as that is our version of Black Friday. Like Brenda says anything we can do at this end, just ask! We'll be thinking about you.

  7. Sorry to hear this news, Rod. I know you'd rather be sitting in the sun than on a sofa in Kansas.

    On the bright side, you'll at least be home with your family for Christmas so that's always great!

    Take care and we'll be thinking of you this coming week.

  8. Rod hope you have a quick recovery and wishing you a HEALTHY 2012.

  9. I think you are wise to get it over with here. Here's hoping it goes exceedingly well and you are out of there in no time.

  10. Not what I wanted to hear but I would be like you and get it over with as soon as possible. Here's hoping for a really rapid recovery and return to AZ. If there's anything we can do here - like check on the rig for you or anything. Just let me know. Be glad to do it.


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