Monday, December 19, 2011


The only news around here is that the sun disappeared today and the clouds came strolling in to replace it.  That will change to rain tomorrow, and then on Tuesday, they are actually using that "S" word......

And I don't mean shovel either, although we should go see if we still have one because we may have to use it.   I do think they are talking about less than an inch of the S stuff, but that is how it begins around here.

First you get just a dusting and it melts or evaporates.  You think to your self that that wasn't too bad...... But then you get the next dose, and it is enough that you need to go clear it out,  and before you know it there are piles of the stuff all around you.

Our lows are to be in the 20s this next week with daily highs barely above freezing.  Thank goodness we don't live any farther North than we do.  We used to live up in Iowa, but now I think it would kill us to go back....

I accomplished absolutely nothing here today and have nothing to report other than computer time and recliner driving.......

Maybe I will do something tomorrow................  And then maybe not..

Retired Rod


  1. It was 54 at the Ranch at 06:00AM , keep that snow on the west side if you will. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. We're north of you, way north and we don't have any snow and today it's about 32F.

  3. Keep driving that recliner so you're ready for that sh word (shovel)just in case.

  4. If you do happen to get a white Christmas, here's hoping you won't need a shovel! I was watching the news and saw the stories about this big storm headed across the plains and figured you might be in its path!

  5. You really don't need to be shoveling snow! Glad you are able to take it easy right now.

  6. Better get the snow plow out!! it pile up from your recliner. Your choice!


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