Sunday, December 18, 2011

Replacement Chair and the Vet's Office

Thank you all for your concerns on this further surgery thing!!!  I will just barge on over there on Wednesday and turn myself in like going to jail, and before long they will have me on the stretcher and knocked out...... And from there on I won't remember a thing.... Well until I wake up anyway....

If you have read this blog since last month, you will remember that I loaded one of the recliners into the motorhome to take with us to Arizona.  That displaced the motorhome's Eurochair back into the house here, but it doesn't really match much of anything so Loyce carried it up to the bedroom where there is space for the little used uncomfortable fellow.

I made the comment that I didn't like taking the recliner in and out of the motorhome all the time, because it scratches up the leather cover, so it is staying put for now.  So that left the spot in the family room where it used to reside.........  Do you see where this is going?

Yes the pickup and myself were dispatched to the Nebraska Furniture Mart to get a replacement chair today.  And its Christmas....   There weren't any parking spaces in their entire lot.  And its bigger than a football field.  For those of you that don't like crowds, there wasn't a bit of space in the store that didn't have a hoard of people standing around or sitting on the display furniture or standing in line to go pay....

And to make matters worse, I didn't see anything that was remotely like what Loyce and I discussed.  Not even close.  I finally decided that the one that would work was fabric and not leather.  I called Loyce and ran it by her.  We decided that a new chair didn't have to be leather.  Our furniture is mix and match anyway.  Mostly mix!  The important thing was that it was the correct color, so I had the salesman write it up.

After paying at the desk where the long line of customers were waiting for the cash register, it was back outside to get in the pickup line.  I counted 12 lanes of customer pickup with at least 10 cars or trucks in each one.  And yes it took about another hour to get the chair loaded on board!

Including the trips to the store and back home it took over 4 hours to enjoy this experience......  It was after dark as I was loading the box into the house.  But hey, because we decided on a fabric cover we saved about $100, or did we spend....?  Always wondered about that saving thing when you just wrote a big check.   But that corner of the room is now full again, and that is what is important, and oh, incidentally Loyce liked it, and that is a great big plus because I didn't even want to think about what I would have to do to return it!

And Loyce spent the afternoon over at the Vet's office with Biscuit, getting annual shots and all the planning that goes along.  We hope to get her spayed before we head back to Arizona as well this month.

She is now over 1 year old and has been in heet once, so it is time.  And yes we know that there are several theories about how long to wait before having this procedure, but our Vet likes this schedule, and since we like the Vet, we will do it her way.

And it was in the 50's today and very sunny so being in KC didn't seem so bad.....

Retired Rod


  1. One of life's little mysteries for me is why so many people prefer leather furniture or leather vehicle interiors. Went the leather route one time back in the early 70's and that's when I learned I did not like sitting on anything leather. Cold in the winter, hot and sticky in the summer. And, it's noisy. Give me a fabric seat covering any day......

  2. A year and one heat is a good time, That's when we had Sadie done.I guess your Vet knows what is right for them.On Rigg's he almost two as we had thoughts of studding him out, But decided against it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I'm with Al. We don't really like leather furniture. Jim does have a leather chair but not me. And I made sure our new couch was fabric. Sure glad Loyce liked the new chair because that return would have been a nightmare. Poor Biscuit. She's not going to be happy with you for a day or so.

  4. That's the first thing I look at when buying a vehicle. No leather seats for me. Ditto what Al said.

    I hope they make you feel better this surgery, and that you have a quick recovery.

    Please post some pictures of Biscuit, or at least one.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  5. I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Well I like leather. We had two dogs, now one and I can just wipe down the leather.


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