Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pain pills and loosing football

I still haven't left the house yet since returning home last Sunday from the hospital.  I am still needing the codo what ever pain pills and they kick the stuffing out of me and make me sleep in way late in the morning.

That slows the whole process down for the day, and it seems like the day is just gone before it begins.  Perhaps tonight I will only take just one kind of pain pill, and that will have me waking up earlier in the day tomorrow.  

I said that last night too, but by 2 AM the pain rushes in and I give up and take the pills....

As I sit here and type this entry, I am watching my Iowa Hawkeyes  in the Insight Bowl with the Oklahoma Sooners.    Iowa is having a really difficult time looking like they are even in this game.  That is troubling for me, but Oklahoma was picked way high in the beginning of the season.  Only to have a bunch of injuries that set them back in some landmark losses.  Of course those injuries are mostly healed tonight, so Iowa seems to be in way over their proverbial heads.  I graduated from the U of Iowa back in the early 70s.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma's head coach graduated from the University of Iowa and was a player and then a coach on our team, so that inside knowledge of our team isn't helpful either......  Oh well, we won last years bowl, which was this exact same game in Tempe, Az.  The Insight Bowl.

Nothing else new here......

Retired Rod


  1. Be sure to stay ahead of the pain. Hoping you will feel better soon. Sorry about your team, but being from Ok, we have to be a little happy.

  2. Sorry you are still in so much pain. But taking the pills is important so you body isn't having to fight the pain when it's also trying to heal. Be good to yourself. And I sure hope you don't get yourself as worked up watching the game as Jim does when his Redskins are playing.

  3. Hope that pain starts to go away soon, Rod. In the meantime, continue to take it easy.

    Happy New Year to you and Loyce!


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