Saturday, December 3, 2011

Odd jobs at the campground...

I spent the morning washing that motor scooter.  It was the sponge and bucket of soapy water arrangement, because it was way too muddy to just spray it off.  Even then it took a couple of passes with the sponge rinsing in between, to see if it was clean yet.

The mud was all in the dash and handlebars and took a wash rag to get it out.  And even as I looked at it tonight, I could see where it needs more attention.  I used the chamois for about a half an hour on it the way it was.  But trust me, tonight it is covered up with its cover.

The weatherman says we are not done with the rainy stuff here and we are struggling to make the high 50s in the daytime.  Still it has stayed about 40 ish at night so the electric heaters have been all we needed to keep things warm.

We headed off to the Mesa Swap Meet late in the afternoon, but it was almost three by the time we arrived, so Loyce decided to pass because there wasn't enough time to walk all the rows.  I went directly to a tool stand in row D and purchased a converter to convert the 30 amp socket in our power pole back to a 15 amp regular cord.  We don't have a 15 amp plug in the box, which is quite unusual. But this is more of a trailer park than an RV park, and they don't allow any tent style vehicles.

When we are sitting still like we are here, I often add a 12 gauge cord into the back slide.  This allows me to plug in the second heater without stressing the breakers.  We seem to connect the heater and hair dryers and more all on the same circuit, which pops the breakers.  So the extra cord is plugged into the power pedestal and bypasses the motorhome wiring.

And before anyone brings it up, I understand that I have a 12 gauge cord plugged into a 30 amp breaker which would not be safe.  But I only have a 13 amp heater on the cord by itself. The 12 gauge cord should be good for 20 amps, so we should be good to go.  Still UL would not approve.

Retired Rod


  1. We have been trying to get ahold of you two. I left a message on your cell. I hope we have the right number. I also left you a PM on Facebook. We are off riding today .


  2. You lost me with the cord stuff but it works and that's all that matters to me. I am sure looking forward to ending this cold mess we are having. At least some sunshine would be nice. Glad the bike is covered - so is the boat.

  3. Good idea on using the pedestal plug for the extra juice. I'll have to remember that one if we ever need it.

  4. You should get some of that "Solution" that Rick likes to use on his RV. That works without water and no big mess. I'm going to order some when I get back home, for sure. I've seen firsthand what a good job it does.


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