Thursday, December 8, 2011


Before dawn this morning we were at 36 degrees and I thought that it was going to be another tough day trying to warm things up.  It was about 43 when we were eating breakfast after the sun was out for a while.

By late morning, we became involved with a oh no we can't scenario with the local Doctors office and the one back in KC Med Center.  I was a new patient and couldn't be seen until January 18th.  And the KC folks seem to think I need follow up yesterday......  The phone calls flew and all of our patience was tried.  But it got warmer.

We hung around the RV knowing that the phones are much more reliable here as we can see the cell tower out the coach windows.  By about 2 in the afternoon, Loyce had stripped the bed and gathered the towels to head to the laundry.

Behind the scenes, the KC folks were working on my behalf, and a call came in that I miraculously had an appointment here late this week.  Now someone has pull, back in KC.

By that time the temps were up to almost 60.  That's the go or no go temp that says ride the scooter or not  and since I haven't even gone for a simple ride out of the park since we got here I was dying to at least go around the block.  Something I hadn't done since back in September.

I was able to head about a mile South of here to the local Wendy's and have a burger on my own.  I didn't go too far since I am trying to find my scooter legs, but the big square that I rode totaled about 10 miles.

Back at the park, I rode the park again more slowly, but for a while today, I saw 50 mph on the scooter speedo.  Wow!  While I was in the city, I had 68 degrees but as I was riding past the cattle farms to our South out in the country the temp was 63.  This also equaled the official weather service high temp for today.

Back home the sun dropped below the horizon and the temps followed quickly.  The forecast is 36 for tonight, but slowly we eek out little bitty amounts of warmer days.  Perhaps just a trend  that isn't colder will be sufficient between now and the end of the year.

Retired Rod


  1. Nice to hear you got out on the scooter, not a bad ride for the first time out. Glad your Dr. appointments got squared away. Have another great day.

  2. 60 can still be cool for a ride, When I rode the motor on the PD they didn't look at the temp just said, take the bike out today.Luckily with wool breeches and leather it was bearable most of the time.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Wow - a doctor's appt and a scooter ride. Wonder which one would be more fun. lol Sure glad to hear they were able to get things worked out with the doc. And the sun is shining again this morning. Did you see there's rain in the forecast for next week? NO No No

  4. Glad to see that KC beat AZ in the game of Doctor!!

    I'm sure one of these days you'll be putting the A/C on in the coach and wishing for a nice cool breeze outside!


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