Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Cold and Dreary!

It was raining when we woke this morning, and as I type this late tonight it is still raining.  We reached around 58 degrees again, but rain was off and on all day.

Loyce wanted to go fabric shopping as she had some Jo Ann's coupons that were about to expire, and she never lets any coupon expire........  That left me sitting in the car for about an hour, playing angry birds on the android phone.

We drove around some of the town for the first time this year, as the Jo Ann's that she likes is way out in the South end of the city at the San Tan shopping center.  The Saturday traffic was typical big city Christmas shopping traffic, but since we live in Kansas City, we are very used to this.  And since this is the fourth year we have been here as RVers and the 5th in the last 6 years for winter trips, we are seldom lost out here in the East suburbs.

We used to use the GPS everywhere we went, but now we don't even take it along.  Rather, we get in those husband and wife heated discussions about which way is the best to take of the several options we both know.

We dropped thru the old Mesa Spirit park, just to have a look see of how busy they were.  And it is even more of an empty park this year.  The folks that have park models of course are here but RVers are in a thin supply.  We hope that the census becomes improved after the first of the year.  A large part of the business is annual full time residents, so the park will continue to exist, but it can't be a big money maker for its owner.

Checking the weather forecast tells us that it will be late next week before this weather pattern changes, and it may even freeze here on Monday night.  That is about dreary for the beginning of our winter RV experience..

Retired Rod


  1. Yup, I can sure identify with you, Rod. It's cold here, too. Funny, when we were down in Desert Hot Springs, it was warm. Now we're back home in the cold. We've got to get our travel times figured out better!

  2. At least the sun is shining this morning and it's not raining. Yippee! But it's still going to be cold, cold, cold. It's better than the zero degree weather back in MT but I came down here for warmth. And I'm whining again. Mesa Spirit is where our friend Paul always stays when he comes to town for a month. Sounds like he won't have any trouble getting in. Glad Loyce got all her coupons used.

  3. Yup, early this year we spend some time in NM. Woke two mornings to frozen lines. Finally got smart and added water to the holding tank.


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