Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cold and Rainy

The rain and 40 degree weather continues and my spirits are just as gray.   We can't get into the Doctor's office for several days, so I am puzzled as to why we had to rush so fast to get home.  But that was not my decision.....

I spent most of the day addicted to the desk top computer and its 22 inch monitor.  It is amazing how you can become so used to a new device in such a short period of time.  Then when going back to the lap top that you thought was quite large, realizing how much you gave up.

The house seems cold and drafty since we have heat pump heat until it gets below freezing.  The fan runs endlessly, but we use electric heaters to warm up the areas that we are siting in.  I haven't even tried the basement, as it is a poured concrete foundation and even thou I insulated everything for days in the remodel, it is still going to require a bunch of heat.

At least the blogs report that Arizona isn't much warmer and we are perhaps better off in the house here than stuck in a 400 sq ft motorhome, with not much more to do than surf the web.

Retired Rod


  1. NO Rod you are not missing anything. I don't think it stopped raining all day yesterday. We have had our furnace going for a week now.

    Take Care

  2. They are saving all the warm weather til you return. In the meantime, enjoy the rest so you will be up for some nice scooter rides upon your return.

  3. I missed a post or two along the way and didn't realize you had to return to KC for further medical consultation. I went back and found I had missed a couple of posts - hope the doctors in KC can give you some reasonably positive news.

  4. I'm kind of missing my big screen monitor as well!

    Good news - not a cloud in the sky here in Desert Hot Springs this morning and it's warming up fast!

    Hopefully, this warm air will blow over into AZ for your return!

  5. Everybody is saying that the warm weather is waiting for you to come back, so I sure hope you get to come back soon. We're actually supposed to have one day, tomorrow, without rain and actually see the sun. Then the rain moves back in but not quite as much of it. We had over 2 inches of rain here in AJ. It's not been fun. Hope you get to see that doc pretty soon.


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