Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warm and a Haircut....

Every once in a while we get a funny condition here in KC where the Southern flow of air coming up from the El Paso area charges in here like a freight train.  And with it, it brings very warm air.  That must have happened over night.

As we got up this morning it was in the 50s but still raining.  The rain didn't completely stop, but it began to slow up to where it was just spitting.  This makes the car mighty dirty, but hey, its warm anyway.

I looked on the weather service web site, and found out that Phoenix only had 53 degrees, and that we had 60.  Can you believe that KC was actually warmer than Phoenix?  I'm sure that it got warmer in Phoenix sometime today, but I had to head out, so I never found out.

One of the good things about being back here in KC is that I can go back over to my favorite barber shop and get a good haircut.  One that I am familiar with and trust to not be a shear job.  There were several folks in front of me so it took about two hours before I was ready to leave.  You can believe that there were a bunch of un truths told in that amount of time.

Back here we worked on several projects on the computer, and got caught up in the TV for the rest of the night.

There's not much else going on around here, other than waiting to get into the doctor's office and find out what our plans will be for the future.

Also our warm weather is very short lived, because it is supposed to be 20 degrees colder tomorrow!

Retired Rod


  1. It's in the low 50's here, but if feels cold to me unless I'm out in the sun.

  2. Nice to hear some warm weather found you, even if it was only for the day.

  3. We only got up to 57 here in AJ. So I hope you enjoyed your one day of warmth. We do have sunshine today but it's not going to get very warm. Warmer but that's about it.

  4. It always feels a bit cooler after a haircut!

    I'll be heading up the road for a haircut myself in a few days but since everyone speaks Spanish where I go, I won't understand a thing that's said!


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