Thursday, December 1, 2011

We arrive!

Today was kind of compartmentalized.  The beginning was waking up to the sound of the LP heater running even though the electric heaters were both on and running full tilt.  That generally spells cold outside!  I just rolled over and slept another half hour.

I got up about 8:15 and went to the dash of the motorhome to look at the electronic thermometer......28, and the sun had been out for a good hour..  Must have been a bunch colder than that, but I never looked,  some things you just don't need to know....

We messed around and had breakfast and read some of the computer blogs, and eventually it was over freezing so we went out and hooked up the water and sewer.  After showers and clean clothes we drained the tanks and disconnected.  We were on the road at 10:15.

The second experience of our day was the trip up and over the mountains where we reached 7600 feet at one time and drove thru the ponderosa pine tree forest.  You would think you were in Colorado in the early fall, as the leaves were yellow or mostly gone, and the temps were about 50.  We even saw snow along the roadways.

But from 7600 feet you must come down, and down and down.  First down to the town of Payson, at about 5000 feet.  This is quite the community, and it was bustling today with traffic at every corner.  They have a large casino, which was abundant with cars parked everywhere..... we pressed on....

And down some more in a serious 6% grade that descends for about 50 miles.  I used a lot of engine exhaust brake as the rpm's were above 2500 or more on the diesel.  The scenery is drop dead gorgeous, but I was very busy making sure the top heavy motorhome didn't lean too far with too much speed as we wound our way down the curves and switch backs.

Then just like that the temps on the dash gauge were in the 70s and we were at Fountain Hills.  I turned and parked along the road as Loyce went thru the Wendy's drive up window.  We had all the motorhome windows open as we enjoyed our burgers.

We cut across the North side of Mesa and over the Salt River basin to catch the Red Mountain Freeway back to the East.  We are almost locals here because this is the fifth year out of the last six that we have wintered over. No GPS needed now..

A quick stop to fill the diesel tank, and into the Valle Del Oro RV Park where the gate guard knew about our reservation and called the office that we were on our way.

This was the last compartment of our day, as we registered and paid for all three months.  Next we were led to our site which we picked out last year when we put down the deposit.  From 4 PM on, we spent the evening unpacking and setting things up for our long stay in one place.  It was 79 degrees, as I backed the motor scooter out of the utility trailer and rode it around the park.

This camp has 1800 spots, so you can ride for quite a while and never leave the property.  Of course one fellow had to yell at me for going past his place too fast...........  I looked down and I was doing 18................  And yes the speed limit is 15, but some folks have themselves wired a little too tightly.

While it got cooler outside as the sun set, we have not even turned on an electric heater as I write this.

It is supposed to be much cooler in the next several days, as the storm that we were running from will come over this area as well.  But perhaps it will just have some rain and cool temps...... None of that Snow stuff!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Good to see you guys made it with no problems, Now repeat after me, relax, relax, relax, you earned it Ron. Your friends. Sam & Donna...

  2. Yay your here. See you soon


  3. Shoulda went around the block, came by that guy again...and popped a wheelie:))

  4. Congrats! You made it - hope you have a well deserved and fun 3 month stay in Mesa - with lots of days in the 80F+ range.

    As for the guy yelling "just smile, wave and yell back good to see you too, thanks"!!!

  5. Welcome to the rainy and cold. I think you brought it with you. You're not too far from us and we just may have to join you at the Tiki Hut some night for happy hour. When the weather improves that is.

  6. Those Wendy burgers must taste even better in the nice warm weather.

  7. We're glad that you made it safely to the RV Park - we have a couple of friends from our small town in Northern BC there, they love it. Have a relaxing time setting up, and enjoy.


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