Friday, December 16, 2011

Looking for a pair of pants and a loaf of bread..

We saw the sun today, but that came at a big price.  Overnight the clouds cleared out to the East, but the clearing cold streamed in behind them.  It was in the early thirties mid morning, and I'm not sure it ever made 40 all day.

I had to find the bigger and thicker coat in order to head out on my shopping trip in the middle of the afternoon.  I had found a specific pair of Wrangler pants at the local Wal Mart, and I wanted a second pair.  But in my rotund size, the local store only had the one.

I drove to the newest store in old downtown Olathe, but they didn't even have any Wrangler products.  Each store has their own buyers, and perhaps this fellow didn't like Wrangler.  What to do?

The next town to the South is about 8 miles away and has a Wal Mart out by I 35, so I headed that way.  There I hit the jackpot finding the pants and a couple of fleece tops that I like as well.  All in the extra extra extra extra, well you get the idea......

Anyway, I got to grocery shopping and managed to spend another $50 over and above the clothes.  But tonight I was able to make some hamburger and hashbrown soup that I like, that doesn't seem to upset me as much as other things.

Later tonight, our son Chris came over with a fresh loaf of sour dough whole wheat bread that was hot out of his bread maker.  To me fresh bread is almost cake like when it comes fresh out of the oven.  The butter slathered and melted into the coarse, fresh cut bread. It was warm enough to steam my glasses as I smeared it all over my face.

We got to watching the Turtle Man on the Animal Planet Channel.  This fellow grabs wild animals with his bare hands, and kept us busy and laughing for a couple of hours.  Man this guy is nuts, but we enjoyed watching him crawl all over stuff grabbing snakes and stuff.....

This worked fairly well to keep my mind off of the fact that I need to muster at the Doctor's office tomorrow to try and decide my fate as far as the next step to fix my insides.......

I guess it will be what it will be.......

Retired Rod


  1. The Best to you at the Doc's today. They will have some answers I am sure.


  2. Good luck with your field trip today, I am sure they will fix you up quick and get you back south for the warm, well warmer anyway, weather.

  3. Good Luck Rod, We're rooting for ya. I have the same trouble with pants and add to that my stubby 29 inch legs and it makes finding them even worse. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. Hope all goes well for your Doctor appointment and you get some positive news!

  5. Jim has to get his jeans on line from Walmart because the stores don't carry them anymore. So we bought him three pair this time.

    We're thinking about you and sure hope the doctor appt goes really well and that they figure out some good stuff for you.


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