Monday, December 26, 2011

Out on Christmas Day!

Ok, all those good wishes worked as I am now home.  Both of my son's have been over to check out if dad is still just as ornery, and the recliner is much more comfortable as I write this blog.

I just can't type on those darned smart phones with my big fingers.  The resident doc came by about 7 AM and told me the plan was to kick me out sometime this afternoon, so get the calls made that are required.

Of course that took the head surgeon to agree, but he has 4 kids opening presents this morning, and we don't get him back until afternoon.  Everything was done to plan for his arrival at about noon, and he signed the necessary papers and yet another of the residents removed the drain bulb out of my front.

The hose on that one was wrapped way around inside my insides, and after removing the sutchers that held it in, he just pulled like heck on it.  I thought my intestines would follow it out, and yelped like a dog that had been run over.

I had a central line IV that was also stitched into my neck, and that had to be snipped out and yanked as well.  This hospital thing is not easy to ever be comfortable with...

After a few office visits, I hope to get back to Arizona sometime this winter......wish me luck........

Retired Rod


  1. Great Christmas Night at home, Glad you are on the mend,I remember having a tube pulled out, can't tell you what it felt like it was attached to but you got the idea. Be safe out there .

  2. I guess the upside is....a tube finally coming out is better than a tube just going in. Hopefully Arizona will warm up a wee bit before you get there and hopefully that is the last of the surgeries.

  3. So glad you were able to get home.

    Merry Christmas.


  4. Now that is GREAT NEWS Rod!!!!!!

    Okay now just get some rest and DO WHAT THE DOCTORS HAVE TOLD YOU TO DO.

    We will be seeing you in Arizona in no time I am sure. Tell Loyce I will be giving her a call when we get back there ourselves.

    Happy New Year Rod and Loyce and all the best to you in 2012.

  5. Great news!! So glad you are out of that torture chamber and back in the recliner. Now behave yourself and get back to AZ. We're actually having some nice weather this week. The sun is shining.

  6. Good to see you made it home. That hospital gig is no fun, but Brenda is right "do what you told, rest up, and get back south," but in that order my friend. We will see you later this winter.

  7. Glad they were able to yank out all those tubes, and kick you out of there in time for Christmas at home. Your recliner is a much better place to be for sure!! Sure glad to hear that you're doing well. Now, have a Happy New Year, and take good care of yourself.

  8. Glad to hear they yanked the right tube out, Rod. Hope you heal up fast at home and are on your way to AZ as soon as possible.


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