Monday, December 5, 2011

Maintenance Logs and shopping!

Today I spent the day updating our maintenance log for the motorhome.  I used the blog to remember all of the service that has been completed.  This was way time consuming.  But it never was above 55 degrees outside, so play outside was mostly out of the question.

We did drive down to the San Tan area again this afternoon, and Loyce did some additional shopping while I sat back in the car.  That doesn't give me a whole lot of fun stuff to write about here.   So rather than type random thoughts, I will just stop for today.

The sun was back out this afternoon, and should be back for the next few days, but we will not go beyond the early 60s in any day of the next week.  So it will remain cool for our activities.  That scares me because it means more shopping..............  Eww!

Retired Rod


  1. Here`s an idea, why don`t you get out of town tomorrow afternoon and pop down and have dinner with us and our guests Mac and Netters. And the whole place is fenced so Biscuit can run free and entertain our dogs.

  2. JB is giving youa good suggestion, it'll help pass the time. Besides the cost of fuel might be cheaper than shopping.

    Another suggestion is letting Loyce shop in her type of store and you look in something that interests you. This doesn't mean that you have to buy anything, the magic word is LOOK.

    Back in southern Ontario it's presently raining with flurries predicted for tonight.

    Enjoy where you're at.

    It's about time.

  3. When Jim tells me he just wants to run into ACE, or Liar's Corner, I always make sure I have a book with me. Since I'm not a shopper Jim very seldom has to worry about me spending any time in a store. It got way cold last night and again tonight. Go for the dinner invite.


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