Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Sleep!

I was going to write something yesterday on the blog here, but once I was upstairs in bed on Christmas night, I just crashed.  I slept for 12 hours waking only to take a few more pain pills and do the necessary stuff.

I never left the bedroom all day Monday, napping and letting the TV run even though I wasn't watching most of the time.  I finally woke up just in time to go to bed on Monday night.

Well that didn't do me much good since everyone else was sleeping.  So, I watched TV all thru the night.  Oh and took a bunch more of those disorienting pain meds.

So now on Tuesday I am all messed up, not knowing if it is daytime or night time.  But I have managed to go down to my chair and read a bunch of the blogs that I have missed over the last couple of weeks.  And I have laid off of the pain pills that were putting me to sleep so badly. And I have managed to stay awake all day, and just perhaps I will sleep at night tonight, like more normal folks will.

Chris, my oldest son has been in and out with his mother (Loyce) for much of the day, and has helped in purchasing another hiking pole, that I use in place of a cane to get me around the house and such.  He also went over and purchased another wedgie pillow at the wholesale medical supply store where he has an account.  Again we had to leave the one I had in the RV, since there wasn't room in the car for all this stuff.

So I am sure that the docs would think that I am improving about normally, but of course that isn't nearly fast enough for my standards because I am still house bound on pain pills.  But just when you think you should go "get er done" like Larry the Cable Guy would say, the surgery pain comes back to remind me that driving the recliner is the best bet for the near term.......

Oh, and by the way, it is to be 70 in Arizona this week, all the way until Sunday, so that is working on me too.................   Better quit looking at the Wx out there........

Retired Rod


  1. I think if you take it easy and let your body heal itself, you will get to Arizona much sooner than you would if you overdo it. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.

  2. Dito what Gypsy said. Every time Kathy was sick she needed to sleep but would fight it. Her doctor finally told her that was her body's way of healing itself. Listen to your body and you will heal faster.

    It's about time.

  3. I'm with the other two - behave yourself and get lots and lots of rest so you can get back here.

  4. You let me worry about the weather out here and you just concentrate on getting better. And driving that recliner for a while is probably just what the doctor ordered.

  5. Just keep that recliner out of the ditch until you're well enough to head it towards AZ!!

  6. You're doing great, and it's good to see you on the blog again. Now, don't go trying to be a lizard for awhile. Those nice warm rocks in the Arizona sun will just keep warming up for you, and they'll be there when you're ready!

  7. butterbean carpenterDecember 29, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    Howdy Chief,

    Sorry you had to do it all over again
    but I kinda worried about that when you were doing so much work, so soon after the last one... TRY to take it easy and drive that recliner for a while.. Maybe you won't have to make another 'rush' trip back from Arizony
    after you get back on 'vacation'!!!

    Do like Nick 'Papa'Russell did; write a mystery novel about the old
    days and make $$$$$ to stay down there a little longer!! I could write about my law enforcement career, but the statue of limitations might not have run out on some things that were kinda funny to tell!!! And don't put any snow-tires on the motorcycles..

    Hope you mend quickly and have a


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