Friday, December 30, 2011

Still parked along side the road......

Perhaps I should explain, that the reason for the second operation had to do with how the surgeon attached one of the little tubes on my insides and the apparent scar tissue that formed inside.  This had nothing to do with the amount of time spent in a recliner as a post surgical patient, but might have reflected on the way I was put back together.

Of course no one is blaming anyone, and these things happen.  But, the recliner driving this time is mostly because I am having a bunch more pain from opening up the same incision a second time.  Perhaps it will back off some in the next few days.  If I am lucky and the rains don't come............

I spent most of today back up in the bedroom where I have a reclining eurochair that used to be in the motorhome.  I am doing my best to lay low......  And I think I have taken fewer pain pills.

But tonight, I am back down in the main recliner talking to a good friend up in Des Moines.  He seems to know when to call and keep my mind off of the instant situation as we remissness flying and ham radio fests of the recent past.  The TV wasn't all that good tonight, so his call was quite welcome.

Loyce went over and bought me another bag of Wendy's so I wouldn't run a quart low on french fry grease, but I surprised her and didn't eat too many of the fries.  It does drive Biscuit the dog crazy though, because she thinks I am going to give her the left overs.

Narry a french fry will ever cross her pallet if I have my way, because we just don't want to get that started.  Our old dog wouldn't leave you alone when french fries were involved.  She was soo spoiled.......  So Biscuit pays that price..

I didn't even read the blogs today until after the evening news, so perhaps I am letting up on the computer some.......  Naw, that won't catch on.....

Retired Rod


  1. Hope your weather holds out and you don't have to put snow tires on that Recliner. Might want to check with Arizona laws and see if recliners are allowed on the Interstates. I know Wendy's allows Recliner driver's in the Drive-Thru lane for sure. Fries or no fries. Anyway, all the best and you might want to make a special effort to get out of that recliner or you may find yourself back in the hospital having that recliner surgically removed....there ya go, I see you trying to get up already:))

  2. Hope you continue to improve Rod! Know what you mean about the french fries and dogs--I won't let this one have people food as the last one drove us crazy begging!

  3. You've got a great attitude, Rod, and I'm sure you'll be up and around as soon as it's entirely possible. Once all the kids leave here, I just may join you in the recliner for a couple of days of recovery time!

  4. Good to hear that you are getting your daily recommended quota of Wendy's products. Sounds as if you are ready to enjoy all that work you did in the basement soon and watch some bowl games.


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