Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Auction Preview

I went back out to the auction to look at the cars in this weeks line up. You go the day before to have some hands on overview of the cars for sale. Otherwise, you get about five minutes to look over a vehicle and then its time to bid on it.

I don't know about you, but it is hard for me to make a purchase decision in five minutes. Even though the car will not be my personal car, if the car is not acceptable as a driver for me, then why would I expect you to like it?

And then its back to that exercise thing, the Hertz sale, which had more than 250 cars in a group, was in the very back of the property. It is more than a half mile back to this area. The cars are then in a line up that extends about a quarter mile in each direction.

I left the truck at 3 and didn't get back to the truck until 6:30. The only time I wasn't on my feet walking between the cars, was when I was actually sitting or driving one of the vehicles that was for sale. The walk out of the lot was a bunch slower than the walk in.

So tonight it is time to decide if we want one of these units. I think I will sleep on it.

Loyce went shopping while I was out at the auction. She was home before I got back, so I do not know how long she was out.

Tonight has been consumed with phone calls to Chris and a friend in Des Moines. And yes they are both licensed hams. Seems like everyone I know has a ham call. Why is that?

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