Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another wild day on the markets.

The failure of the congress to pass the economic bail out bill for the failed financial institutions, signaled all the investors to head for the exits. Dow down 770 points. Are all the cold feet folks gone now? Like last week, the cooler heads will again take advantage of the overdone pullback and run things up in the days following the madness.

The dems are blaming the Republicans for the whole thing, and the facts don't match what anyone is saying. If you look at the votes cast today, there were a large number of Nay's from the dems and a good number of Yea's from the Republicans. Does that make the problem partisan?

I wonder if we really do not need to discuss this a bunch further, to see what the right answer is. Looks like folks on both sides do not think we have the answer yet. So without regard to the investors votes with their buy and sell orders, this needs to be argued through, until folks believe in the answer, and then the votes will come from both sides.

This is not supposed to be a political blog, so I will stop right here and take the wait and see attitude. I tend to be conservative in nature, and do not like to make more debt for my grandchildren, but then I sure as heck do not want my savings depleted to nothing either.

Let them argue it out, our system has always worked in the past, and it should again.

Other than the chaos in Washington, I went to the tire shop to have the alignment checked on the Toyota. I had some unusual wear on a back tire, that would mean things were out of alignment somewhere on the car.

I didn't believe that kind of wear could come from the back wheels. So I had the shop check the alignment of all four, believing that the tire was rotated from another wheel on the car. After about 45 minutes, the mechanic came to the waiting room and handed me the keys back.

Seems that all wheels were in total alignment and that no adjustments were necessary. He could not explain the tire wear other than the tires may have come from some other vehicle. So keep on driving and replace the ones that get thin when that happens.

He only charged me 29.95 to check it out which is less than half the cost to re align the entire car. That is an honest mechanic! He could have messed with it for 30 minutes more and charged me for the whole boat.

This tire shop is in the oldest part of Olathe, Ks., and is in a old metal over wood building. It is not the most attractive place in the world, but then why do you need to be attracted to your tire shop? They will have my business, from now on while I live here in Ks.

We had the three year old grand daughter again today, which is the first time we have had her since we came back from Colorado. She is the happiest child, and has a natural curiosity about everything. We played the piano this morning, talking about the keys being represented by letters of the alphabet. She couldn't understand why the G key wasn't followed by H, I, J, but started over again at A. OK, why is that, and how do you explain it to a three year old?

And so went our day here in KC.

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