Friday, September 19, 2008

Off to the Lake after several weeks away.

We are headed to the Lake as you read this today. We have not been there for five weeks or more. So it is time to see how things have changed there. Good or bad.

We have had some bad things happen over the years, but then sometimes changes have also been for the better as well.

It is not as though there hasn't been anyone at the property, as my son Ben and his family were there over labor day, for that entire weekend. They would have taken care of any problems, had there been any. So we are primarily going to complete some fall maintenance.

The property insurance guy wants to meet us and take some pictures of the inside of the house for loss recovery purposes. We think the insurance company wants to see how you maintain the place. They would not want to pay for damage, that wasn't from something accidental. If you trash the heck out of the place in your normal living pattern, we think they would back away from your insurance rather quickly.

We have to meet with him on Monday as he will be off in Texas this weekend. He is also a fifth wheel RVer, and has a place down there he calls the "Ranch." I do not know how close to the hurricane this ranch is, but as an insurance man lets hope he has good coverages.

Maybe I will learn more in passing conversation. You know, without being too nosy and all.

So we will be missing in action, and will also have only clandestine internet connections, as we rely on some of our neighbors to leave their wifi open, in order for us to post.

I do plan to take my old jetski out of the lake, and put it in the garage for the winter, and also to change the oil in the Honda outboard motor. Yes it is a 4 cycle engine and does have a crankcase with a drain plug.

It uses straight regular gasoline and does not require oil in the gas like the outboards of old. But that means the oil must be drained and replaced along with a new filter, just like a car.

We are out of here in the morning, and I see it is already morning now so I will hang up the laptop and hit the hay for now.

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