Monday, September 1, 2008

A total relaxing day.

We got up this morning and the day was bright and sunny. Seemed like a good day to go wash the truck. It was still muddy from the trip over cottonwood pass.

The gravel road on the West side, was dry, except for the water truck. The truck that wet the road before the road grader smoothed the wash boarding around the switchbacks. Road grader driver on a mountain cliff road, now that's my idea of a good job. Not.

So the car wash at the South end of town, became my job of the morning. I have learned to take the brush on the pole and a bucket of soapy water along to scrub between pressure washes But the truck look really nice when I returned.

We decided to stay close to home today, not because we didn't have more destinations that we could visit, but we were tired the constant day trips. As well, because it is the big weekend, the tourist count is way up, so we are hanging back.

So we have absolutely nothing to report and the cameras were snug in their tote bags all day.

We even took a nap in the mid afternoon, something we haven't done since we left on this trip.

And if you remember that clean truck, it began to cloud up over the mountains to the West of the campground later in the afternoon. Then sprinkles, and then all out rain with the temperatures dropping to the 50's.

So tonight is has rained for about 4 hours, and it is cold. The campground is in their rigs and the weekend is something of a bust. But Loyce got much of the washing done this afternoon and we will be hopeful of the day tomorrow.

We have watched the never ending coverage of the hurricane, and the RNC canceled convention, which has left the networks in a complete bind for something to fill the time on TV.

A really slow day. Say a prayer for the folks down in the gulf region, our hearts go out to them.

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