Sunday, September 14, 2008

Iowa vs Iowa State

I took the camera with me today but never got it out of my pocket. Let's see, yup, its still there.

I was up at the crack of 10 AM. Well maybe 9:30, but I didn't really get up. Today was the big game up in Iowa, and I was to go over to my son's house and watch the game on his big TV.

But I didn't know it started at 11. Like AM? Loyce assured me I needed to become presentable rather quickly. So I threw on a clean shave and shirt.

Once over to the grand kids house, Ben and Danielle live there too, but the grand kids run the place. LOL. It was down to the Man Cave to park in front of the 54 inch HD Sony. Hell life is hard, but someone has to do it.

Iowa State is the land grant College in Ames, Iowa. They specialize in Agriculture, Science, Industry, and anything technical. Oh and they have good liberal arts courses as well. While The University of Iowa, (my alma mater) is in Iowa City, and is a school of Arts and Crafts, and a Medical School. A teaching hospital, and the Law school and so forth. The competition between these two schools is overwhelming.

Obviously, you would pick one or the other, based on your area of study. But to the students, their own school is the best and the other place is the pits. Now comes the annual game of football. This will prove who is the best, once and for all.

They play other sports against each other, but football is the main judgement. Iowa State has won 7 out of the last 10 or something like that. But before that Iowa won 15 in a row. My stats my not be quite right, but you get the flavor of the rivalry.

So this game is like religion. Iowa won 17 to 5. At the end of the game, the University of Iowa players ran over to the Iowa State bench and collected the CY Hawk trophy, forcefully. And for us Hawkeye fans, all is right with the world again. Well, until next year anyway.

So that framed the day here in KC. We were in KC in body, but our minds and our TV window on the world was in Iowa City. I know that a number of you folks that read this blog, are Iowa State fans, and you have my every sympathy, but damn it is about time Iowa began to win again once in a while.

It rained here again all day, like in buckets and pitchforks every once in a while. We were stuck in doors, which gave a lot of time to do this computer thing and watch all the damage in Texas. It seems these storms are coming faster than we can rebuild these places.

Lets hope the death toll will not be as high as the storms in 2005. I just read a fact that I didn't know, Rita was stronger than Katrina in 2005. Rita was the fourth most powerful while Katrina was the sixth most. Katrina did more damage in lives, because it hit New Orleans, with the subsequent flooding. It was also the most costly storm at 81.2 Billion dollars.

I have a bad feeling that Ike will be very costly too.

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  1. We had to let you win one because the whining had become unbearable.


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