Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Picture for the header!

We drove over the Cottonwood Pass the day we got this picture. I think it was our most breath taking day. The road West from Buena Vista was a Colorado county road with a big number. When it got to the top of the pass, it turned to gravel.

We wound around the mountain in the dirt and mud for 15 miles when we came to this dammed up reservoir lake. Taylor Lake. The view was beyond our ability to comprehend.

Going to Colorado sure makes for some vivid memories. I sit here tonight looking at the pictures and reliving the experience.

Today was a day of exercise for me. As in lawn mowing exercise. It was quite cool in the early 50's when I went out to partake of this fun. Long pants were a must. But the sun was out and surely it would warm up.

The yard was still soaking wet. "Bummer, I'll have to use the hand mower and walk." It never did warm up much, or dry out either. So I kept on walking behind the mower. I stopped for over a half hour thinking it would dry enough to use the rider, but nooooo!

It took me about two hours with the pause in the middle. But it is all mowed and I'm still, well, a little killed. It bothers the neuropathy so bad, but it is really good for me.

Not much else happened here today, other than watch the stock market tank. This is really bad news for us retired types, as we rely on investments to pay the daily bills.

All of this takes place on the day that income tax deposits are due for the third quarter. Did you mail yours? Uncle needs his money even if the market tanked.

Later in the afternoon, Loyce went out and started edging the sidewalks. By hand. Once I determined what she was up to, I put the power edger attachment on the weed wacker motor and took over for the hand process. She then cleaned up most of the mess.

Enough of this yard work! If it was up to me, I would blacktop the whole thing and paint it green. There would be some kind of maintenance to that too, I'm sure.

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