Monday, September 15, 2008

Lawn Mower clean up.

Today was a lot cooler than it usually is here in Kansas this time of year. It was barely 60 degrees. I started to clean the riding lawn mower as it was covered in cakey grass. My son had mowed the lawn when it was really wet, and the grass balled up and stuck to the mower.

We have a John Deere rider, and it has the mulch attachment. The blades are chopping blades that do not have much pitch, so they do not throw the grass out from under the deck. The chute is blocked off with a plate and the grass is chopped into fine mulch.

On paper that is how it works, but when it is wet, the grass is chopped into a green goo. This adheres to the entire mower. Wheels, deck, and bottom of the tractor were all covered. Dried like concrete.

Today, it was still so wet, from the rain that mowing would have been the same problem all over again. But I did pressure wash the mower and then clean up the green mess in the driveway. Not fun!

Otherwise, I have been studying the D-Star system that Icom radio has for their UHF radios. It seems to be very capable, connecting computers with radios. It also does digital voice thru repeaters that are trunked on the internet.

This means that you convert your voice to digital information in your radio and then send the digital info to the repeater. The repeater is on the internet, and selects a distant repeater thru the internet. The second repeater could be in England or Africa or anywhere. The target repeater then sends the digital voice out over the air to a mobile or hand held there.

We have one of these repeaters here in KC. The radios cost almost 600 bucks, so this is a pricey endeavor. If you want to know more, google Icom D-Star. There are U tube videos that explain much of how this works.

So thats our day here. Maybe it will be nice in the morning, so I can get after that lawn.

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