Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Insurance done and Back to KC

I was up and dressed by 9 AM. Doesn't sound too energetic now does it but that is good for a guy at his vacation home, that is a night owl. Seems like I never get to bed before 12:30 and sometimes 1 AM.

Being up at the stroke of dawn becomes much harder. I jumped in the car and went to the insurance guy's office. He was already on the phone and had more calls holding. His assistant, (his wife) was taking names and numbers. It was Monday morning. Remember he went to Texas on Friday, so everything was backed up.

I used to have days like this too, so I was watching and remembering how it all went for me, but that was over two years ago. I do not miss that part at all.

His wife began to work on a new homeowners policy for us. She cancelled out the old policy, and I had to sign and date the cancellation. Then we filled out the new application and the facts about the home and its contents. And then we had to schedule the dock as a separate covered item. We added weight of snow and ice coverage, which we discovered was not on the old policy. Ooops. I didn't know that. I think they must have omitted that one as I felt we had coverage.

But now the new policy is in effect. We have a replacement cost policy with all the bells and whistles. It costs more, of course. They said they would slip out and take some pictures from the outside when it wasn't Monday, and send us a billing. Done! "Thats all there is to it?" "Ya we have to do it in person so you can sign the application."

I was back home by 11 and we left for KC by 2.

Oh remember the humming birds? We arrived on Friday, and one of them dive bombed me right on the deck. Hey! Our feeder is empty.

So I washed up the feeder, and put some necter in it. The whole ritual of guarding the feeder and chasing birds away, started again just like we had never been gone. I put about a quart of juice in their feeder before we left last time, so it must have lasted for several weeks before it was empty.

It lasted long enough that they are all trained to look and see if we have filled it back up. So today as I was leaving, I filled the feeder to the brim. That little guard bird hovered right next to me as I filled the bottle. Not more than two feet from my head. Kind of spooky really, but it was as though she had to watch to see if I was going to put it back up. They were buzzing all around the thing as we left.

Back in KC we unloaded the car and have had a quiet night unloading suit cases and putting the groceries all away. We actually brought back more items than we took. During the fall, we clean out the freezer and the pantry, so stuff gets used here at KC. Otherwise, the groceries get really old at the lake.

We were all keyed up for the insurance man, but as busy as he was, he would have never made it to our house all day. Good thing I was proactive and went to see him.LOL

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