Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grand Daughter here today!

Today we had the youngest grand daughter for the day. She came in the morning and played with grandma and grandpa until noon. I didn't get any of the blogs read that I normally read in the morning. But thats ok as it is mostly blah blah like I generally write here in this blog. LOL

We had lunch and she was off to bed to take here nap. Thats when I escaped to go to the bank and do some errands. Nothing too exciting, but I have been working on a Toyota Corolla that may become mine, rather than selling it. That means I will have to pay the sales tax and get a license. And insurance. Maybe I had better rethink this.

Back at home, I tried to read the missed blogs, and fell asleep in my chair. That is not good. Well maybe it is alright, until I can't sleep tonight. Time will tell.

Then it was time for supper, and we learned that the granddaughter was staying the night. So that gave us more time to play. Finally up to bed, and she was out in an instant. Days at grandma's house can be very taxing!

We are planning to go camping at a local State Park here in Kansas. This is the oldest granddaughter's birthday weekend, and her mommy's birthday as well. We missed the occasion last year as we were in Boston about now. I'll have to look back at the old blog and and see when we were where.

There will be no internet at the state park, and perhaps no cell phone either. My oldest son has a sprint card, so if it works, perhaps I can check in. We will blog tomorrow evening but then we will be gone.

Tomorrow I will go get the trailer and pull it back to the house to load up. I wonder why we unload so much, when we will just put it all back in again!

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