Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors can be a real pain. Bleep!

Our house is now two years old. The smoke detectors have run down their original batteries. Bleep! At least the one in the master bedroom has.

We have a coffin vault ceiling in that room, and the top of the ceiling is about 16 feet above the floor. Right in the middle of the flat part is the detector.

As Loyce was going to bed, she came down and explained that the blasted thing was going Bleep,,,,,,,,,,,,Bleep,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bleep!

My 8 foot ladder was not anywhere near tall enough to get up to it, and turning off the power in the circuit box, in the basement wouldn't silence the thing. Soooo.

We spent the night trying to sleep with, Bleep!

She was able to nod off and not let it bother her, but I went into the far bedroom and closed all the doors, and could still hear the dumb thing.

Today, I borrowed Chris' articulating 22 foot ladder and slid the thing out to about 15 foot and replaced the battery.

I put in a 10 year Lithium battery made specifically for a smoke detector that is hard to get to. The battery cost 6.99, but I gladly paid that for the peace of mind that I will not spend another night with, Bleep!

While I was at it, I changed the rest of the six detectors batteries, using fresh alkaline cells. I didn't test the other batteries, I just changed them all out at once. Threw them all away, so they wouldn't accidentally be placed back in service.

We are all unloaded and the trailer is washed and parked back in the storage lot. Amazing how quickly it is back to the same old grind.

With that thought, it is back to the car auction in the morning, so I need to hang up this computer and get some shut eye.

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