Thursday, September 18, 2008

I didn't go to the auction

I was impressed that several of the cars that I looked at yesterday, would be good clean inventory. I knew that prices have taken the lowering that comes every year as the new models arrive.

But somehow, we knew that it isn't a good time to be buying more inventory. So I decided to just watch the sale on the computer at home. You can buy over the computer as well, but it is slower than being there in real life, and you seem to loose out if there is a floor fight, to increase the price.

It has been our experience, that you need to let others get into these bidding wars. So perhaps the inherent latency of the computer is a safeguard to some degree.

With that said, I was miffed when I couldn't get the computer to work at all. They call it simulcasting, and it simply didn't play on any of my computers today.

So we have no new cars to sell, from my preview trip out to the auction yesterday. Oh well, it was good exercise.

Then the stock market began to slide into the depths again this morning. I was impressed with how small we all seem to be when it comes to the overall economy of this giant country.

Even Bill Gates, who we learned this afternoon, is again the worlds richest man, is powerless as the economy and the peoples confidence slide to a panic. But even if we all loose everything, life will go on.

We can not stop living. Folks in Texas have lost everything, but they are still alive. They will recover, and so will we. The people that are in the worst position are the folks that need to liquidate their investments on a daily basis to continue to live.

When you are in the liquidation position, it is necessary to sell almost daily. When prices are down, it is necessary to sell more shares to fund fixed needs. So the share quantity depletes faster than it can be recovered. This is a train that will end against a brick wall. These retired folks have my deepest concern.

For the rest of us, I think the policy of hanging on and not reacting in a panic, will be the safest strategy. When ever I have charged off in a panic with the crowd to some under thought out reaction, I have had my head removed. This will be no different.

We need to get this election behind us. Without regard to who the winner will be, the uncertainty of the unknown future is causing the panic. Everyone is afraid that if the other guy wins, life will come to an end. No it won't.

With our governments system of checks and balances, the wrong guy at the helm will not make much difference. He can't do that much anyway without congress on his side. Just ask Pres Bush. If it gets too lopsided, it seems we always get the other party back in power after the next two year election of congress. Those in power are always blamed for everything that is perceived to be wrong.

So now I probably will not go out and buy a new motor home, or anything like that but, I for one, think I will adopt a wait and see attitude. What about you?

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