Saturday, September 6, 2008

We did nothing today.

Well we did drive down to Loveland, Co South of Fort Collins. There is a large shopping center on the corner of Hwy 34 and I 25. We spent a couple of hours in the stores and did buy much.

I didn't buy anything, but Loyce had her usual little packages from JoAnn's fabric store. She cannot pass a JoAnn's without going in. I ask her if they are a chain and have the same things in all the stores, but she says that each store is different. With my corporate experience, I wonder how that could be, but one doesn't argue with the boss. LOL

I didn't take a single picture today, but I did spend a bit of time researching where the WWV transmitters are here in Fort Collins. I was not having any luck, until I found a U tube video that someone took outside the gate.

It seems that the US govt has this property as an, off limits, do not trespass, sort of sight. Since they broadcast the time standard for most of the world, I think it would be an asset that needs to be guarded. If I can find it, I will go there and see what, if anything I can see.

It might be like Cheyenne Mountain, where you can't see a thing. But it should be hard to camouflage a 200 ft antenna.

That's about it for today, but maybe tomorrow I'll have more info on the WWV station.

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