Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ordinary Work Day

Up and out the door, by 9:00. Not an ordinary time to start work unless you are retired, and do not really have to go to work.

I did have all kinds of things to get done, like go to the insurance folks here in KC to clear up some questions on the auto policy. And then to go the the bank and all that mundane stuff that takes up all our time.

I ended up at son Chris' auto warehouse. He was out doing all his stuff too, so I had to wait for him, but not too long. I usually have a key, but in a moment of brain dead, I left it at the house.

We did some paper work, and then went to lunch. This is really tough stuff, this work thing. At Mi Pueblito, the local Mexican joint in the old Pizza Hut building, we both ordered Burito Real Carne. This place is the real deal, as everyone there is Mexican. Spanish is spoken by the staff, and the menu is much the same as the Menus we had in South Texas.

The food is quite good. We try not to order so much, as we would both like to not create weight gain from our lunches. So the luncheon plate is the size we stick to. Even then it is more than I should eat. He said as he cleaned every last morsel with his fork.

After some computer time to renew car listings we went to the auction to see this weeks lineup of used stuff. We only found one car that we thought would add to the inventory. Tonight, we have discussed it and think we will pass this week.

A busy day, but I am not sure what was accomplished. Something, surely but then there is no boss evaluating either.

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