Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting ready.

Things are quiet here tonight. Worked all day but not sure that I did anything. Where did I start? We had Delaney last night, and she was up really early carrying on in her crib, which awakens me. So I slept off and on while she played.

She was quiet, except when she got to singing. Finally I went in and talked to her. Thats when Loyce came in and took over the caretaker routine.

I had to get rid of the oil, that came from the outboard motor at the lake. We brought it back to KC, and this morning I took it over to Wal Mart to have them take it. And they do take reclaim oil behind the autoservice bays. The guy said I had to go sign the book before I left it. Well I left it anyway, and then went and parked. Went in and here came the mechanic, wanting to make "sure" I signed the oil book.

Not sure what that was all about, but I had to sign with my name address and that I had left two gallons of oil. I had to say that it wasn't contaminated with antifreeze. That was easy, as there isn't any antifreeze in an outboard motor.

From there I went over to the local tire shop, "Tim's Tire" to get an appointment to have an alignment on Monday. The Toyota seems to have a tire that is worn a little funny, and I want to know now if it is out of alignment.

Since I did not drive this car for its 30K miles, I do not know which wheel this tire was worn out on, for sure. Since it is on the back now, it was more than likely on one of the front positions during the funny wear time. This is a lot cheaper than purchasing new tires later. That would be when you indeed know "Ya it is out of alignment, isn't it?"

Back home, and I washed the truck, then the car. I still have others that need the same job, but I run out of gas really fast with the hose wash process. I loaded the back of the truck with the camping stuff, and headed out to get the camper.

This time I didn't have any surprises when I got to the storage lot. Remember the flat tire when I went over before we left for Colorado? It was after 5 when I got back with the rig.

Washed out the water tank several times by filling it and then letting it drain out the little valve on the bottom. It is very small, and takes more than a half hour to drain thirty plus gallons. I finally filled it with fresh water.

Since we only have 60 miles or so to go to the campground, some nice fresh KC water is quite nice, as compared to the well water available in the state parks. Wouldn't be worth the gas to haul it miles away, but OK for the short trip.

Loyce loaded some of the stuff tonight, and the refrigerator is on so it will be good and cold by tomorrow.

A busy day to get ready to go for just the weekend. You would think we were leaving for weeks on end. LOL

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