Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to KC/Too Cold

We are back in KC this evening. We got up this morning to find it was 45 degrees outside with the wind blowing 20 and gusts to 30 from the North. It wasn't frozen outside, but it sure felt like it.

I hadn't unhitched the truck from the trailer, so getting on the road was fairly easy. We had breakfast and a shower and were on the road by 10. Our site was water and electric, but no sewer, so we had to visit the dump station or we would have been faster yet.

We battled the headwind all day and the gas mileage suffered to the low 8's. This makes for pain at the pump. I did manage to find some E85 at Salina and mixed the fuel purchased so that we had about 25% alcohol. That gave me a great improvement in power as the E85 is over 100 octane rating. We lost a coupla of tenths in mpg, but were able to carry a better speed into the wind.

I never use 100 percent E85, kills the mpg too bad. The Ford is a flex fuel engine, so it will do all right with E85, but after you have octane in the 90's the rest is wasted and the mileage suffers.

Just as I had surmised, we worked like troopers and unloaded the whole rig. We have the basic stuff that remains in the trailer, but clothes, food, dirty laundry, electronic toys, and all the rest got carried inside.

We were here by 5:30 so at least it wasn't in the middle of the night. LOL

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