Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A quiet Labor Day

We were up fairly early for us, but still only 7:30. We had the lazy morning, with breakfast and trying to decide if we wanted to do anything else today. We struggled to come up with a plan.

So if all else fails, go to Wal Mart, LOL. So we decided we would go to Salida about 27 miles South of Buena Vista. We drove the state highway to see some different scenery, and didn't drive too fast.

Salida is older, but is mostly store fronts that are unoccupied. Maybe falling down would be a better description. But some of the stores do have businesses in them. One restaurant on the river seemed nice but it was packed. We were there right at noon, and the deck over the river was totally packed.

We drove to the highway and went West toward the Wal Mart. We shopped for about an hour, and then had to take the groceries home. We haven't left the camper since.

Tomorrow we will leave the snowy peaks CG, and will travel to the North up over the 11,200 foot pass between Leadville, and I-70. Slow and easy will be the rule of the Day. Once we reach I 70, we will head back East toward Denver. We have reservations in a KOA up North of Denver.

The day will be about 200 miles. If we get a good start it shouldn't be too bad a travel day.

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