Monday, September 8, 2008

Travel Day

We spent Sunday driving out of Colorado. We were up at 7 and hitched up and ready to roll by 8. But then I went over to the shower house to get clean for the trip. Can't be all dirty all day. Nothing like clean clothes and a clean me to make the day seem all better. LOL

So we rolled at 9:30. But we immediately changed out watches to 10:30, since we would end up in the Central time zone. The shock of the change would not seem so severe if I had all day to get used to it.

We left the Fort Collins area and drove South to Denver on I 25 and then took 270 to I 70 Eastbound. I 25 is as rough as a washboard. It shook the trailer and truck so bad that we couldn't even talk to each other.

When we had driven about 255 miles, we were at Goodland, Kansas, and it was 3:45. We had planned to stop there for the night, but it seemed to early to stop. We drove on East for another 110 miles to the WaKeeney KOA where we had stayed on the way out. That made 365 miles for the day.

That's too far for me. I really do not like even 300 miles of trailer pulling at 55-60 mph. You can not average 50 miles an hour so 350 comes out at 7 hours plus stops. We arrived here at 6 PM so thats 7 1/2 hours.

Tonight I have been sitting here vegetating, watching the Sunday night football game and talking to folks on Skype. Not too exciting, but just what I seem to need.

We haven't discussed how far we will go towards Kansas City tomorrow. But we have agreed that we will not go all the way. If we get home late at night, we seem to go ahead and do all the unloading anyway.

So coming in mid afternoon works best. That would be on Tuesday. Perhaps we will stop in the Topeka area tomorrow afternoon. If we have internet, we'll blog from there.

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