Friday, September 12, 2008

I didn't do it!

At least not today anyway. I was up an out of here by 8 AM this morning, with nothing more than an oil change for the truck on my mind.

The local Valvoline shops give a 10 dollar discount if you come in by 10 in the morning, but the line gets longer as it becomes closer to the 10 hour, so I went earlier.

We drove for 4 thousand miles on the trip to Colorado. it was only 800 or so miles to the town of Buena Vista where we stayed for 10 days, so we must have done 2400 miles of sight seeing. And all of that in three weeks. We were really in the tourist mode.

So the oil is changed. Next it was home to trade the truck for the car and get its flat tire worked on. Yes, I had driven the car to the storage lot to get something out of the trailer before we left, and bingo, the car had a slow leak just like the trailer. The guy running the lot swears that there are no nails in the lot.

By about 11, the tire shop had removed the exact same kind of finishing nail out of the car tire, that was found in the trailer tire out in Colorado. I will stay out of that storage lot from now on with the car.

I also had the ladder in the back of the car to return to Chris at his home. That took about a half hour, as we began to look over the Toyota Corolla we came home with yesterday.

I had to get back home, as I needed to call the Doctor's office and try to get a medication renewed. They want me to come in, but as luck has it the next available appointment was not until October 14th.

So a call to the nurse, and they called in the prescription. Hell I could have pulled off that sham from Colorado. (That's one of the reasons we came back was I was out of pills.)

Next it was call the car dealer and try to get an appointment to get the service done on the car. It came with 4 years of bumper to bumper service including oil changes. And ya they want to put me off for a week too. But I stood my ground and begged.

They relented, and tomorrow at 1 I have that appointment. Why is everything such a hassle? This was making me very tired, so I fell asleep, until the phone rang and it was the Doctor's office assuring me they had called the prescriptions to Wal Mart.

So off to Wal Mart to get the filled prescriptions. And of course the obligatory groceries that always hop into the basket when you go in the door. You can never go into Wal Mart and return with exactly, and only what you went in for.

This is all very boring, I know, which is why I titled it "I didn't do it." Nothing of interest anyway. But then much of life seems to be like this. Lists of things that have to get done. Just to get on with getting on. LOL

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