Saturday, September 20, 2008


Logistics is the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources. Or so says the Wikipedia. But in our case it is the flow of ourselves to get everything done that was on our list before we could leave town.

I went off on a goose chase to find my lost set of keys that contained the key to the lake house. We have the remote garage door opener, that we push the button on, to open the door. But what if that didn't work? Power out or something. Then what?

This key had to be found. I hadn't seen it since we came back from Colorado. So over to the trailer to see if it was in my foot stool. Most of the junk that ends up on the end table when we park, goes into the foot stool, when we move to the next camp ground.

At the storage lot where the trailer is parked, I rifled thru the whole place. No keys, not even in the footstool. I gave up.

I went to harbor freight to pick up the little 3 gallon pancake air compressor that I had received a rain check for last week. They had it! Yea. And then back home. The air compressor works, and I set up the coiled plastic air line with the couplers and the tire chuck. That was a good success. It is 110 Volt and pumps 100 lbs pressure, but is really small enough to fit in the back of the pickup or in a basement bin. That will go along from now on.

Then it was back inside the house, to dig thru all the things that I unloaded from the trailer. Finally, in a plastic sack that was right in plain sight, the keys!!!!

We finally got ourselves, and the things we needed to come to the lake, in the car and left town by 2:30 in the afternoon. Loyce was off on her own shopping trip in the morning, and didn't arrive back until after 1, so we seemed to get a bad start. We were failing at logistics.

We were down here at the lake by about 6 with only two stops. One to get the tool box from the pickup that was parked at our used car shop, and another for gas. So all things considered, we arrived by supper time, safe and sound.

Setting up camp here is just a matter of putting the groceries away, so we went to the barbecue place again tonight. This seems to be a ritual for our first night at the lake. Bandana's.

I had the combo pork and beef dinner with baked potato and green beans. Man that's good stuff.

So we are all safe and sound here at the lake, and everything is fine with the unattended house, all and all a good day. We have managed our logistics. LOL

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