Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another oil change and battery

Is it winter again? The dark ominous clouds hung over our skies all day as it became cooler and cooler in the afternoon. The windy, rainy mist seemed to blow right thru my jacket, and the car is a grimy mess.

It's in the mid 40's tonight, and I was forced to start the heat pump as I feel an icicle growing on my nose. But hey, buck up it is almost May 1st.

I spent the day in the garage changing the oil on the BMW. It is an 05 and now out of warranty so that means service is insanely expensive, and I'm retired and capable.....

It takes a special paper filter that goes into a permanent canister. Chevy had those back in the 50's, but I digress. It cost $20 for this little cartridge and is only available at a dealer. The car requires 9 quarts of synthetic oil at $6 a quart from Wal Mart. So if your calculating, were up to $74. They get $150 at the dealership so this is a deal.

Of course nothing on the car is made so a mere mortal mechanic can work on it. The drain plug is an 8mm stud bolt, like a big allen wrench. The smaller plug in the bottom of the filter canister is a 6 mm stud bolt. And the canister comes lose with a 24 mm socket. Tools we would all have right off. Not.

This afternoon I went back over to Sam's Club and bought another battery, this time for the pontoon boat.

We plan to head out to the Lake of the Ozarks in the morning and do some spring cleaning on the fishing cabin. Hopefully pressure washing the boat and its big cover in the process. That is if it is above freezing!

We'll blog from there once we arrive.

Retired Rod


  1. um Rod that is no Cabin that is a big house lol. Have fun and say a big hello to Loyce from us. How come you are not decorating your apartment in Yoville?

    Take Care Brenda Brown

  2. Seems like I'm fairly busy and haven't made it to yoville much. Or I do not really know how the game is played? Or some such excuse!

  3. Careful, icicles on a nose can lead to an embarrasing nasal drip onto a pair of new shoes. I know what you mean about those game things people send. I've never understood them either so haven't bothered with them. Some days I do good just to get the computer turned on. Enjoy your time at the lake:))


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