Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to the DMV

Taxes mailed. Well with a federal extension, because I always wait for the last revised tax notices. I get these amended 1099's clear up into mid summer. Extend, pay up and file once when it is right. The IRS does better when it doesn't have to change anything.

Mid morning I went to another favorite place, the DMV. Need that motor cycle plate! And of course the paperwork was wrong. The sales tax rate was increased on the first of April and the store charged me the old rate. We got that corrected by having the store redo the paperwork and fax it to me at the DMV.

They have a fax machine out in the middle of the waiting area for the public to get faxes on, so they can straighten stuff out without going to the distant office to get it fixed. But I had to call and explain the problem and wait for them to get it right. Thank goodness for cell phones.

We had 60 degrees this afternoon, so I went to the big park South of our house, and rode the bike all thru the place. Most of this is slow riding, and that is necessary practice for the skills test. I did go over and watch a fellow take the skills test about noon so I would know what to expect when I get the courage up.

Tonight I have spent a bit of time with a ham friend from Central Missouri. We got together on the phone and then moved to Skype. He does Ubuntu Linux on one of his computers so we were teaching each other tricks.

Tonight is to be warmer, if you can call 40 warm. But atleast it is not freezing. With warm though, it is supposed to start raining. Makes the grass grow, but is hard on the bike time. Maybe I will get the lawnmower started and mow off the weeds!

Retired Rod

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